Pitzer’s Native American Summer Pipeline To College: Student Application

Pitzer’s Native American Summer Pipeline To College: Student Application

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My name is Scott Edward Orellaña Ingles Scoggins and I am proud to be of Pipil Nahuat, Pocoman Maya, and English ancestry. I was born into a family that was deeply invested in various political and social movements in Latin America and the United States. This background instilled in me an internal drive, desire, and sense of duty to work towards social justice for all. I implement multicultural education programs that challenge, inspire, support, and motivate young people to pursue higher education. My current work specifically connects Native American Indian youth to higher education opportunities that will enable them to take on leadership roles within their tribal communities. My personal motto, “Tradition for Life - Education For Our Future” cuts to the core of my belief in a dual focus on traditional learning and preparation for success in both local and global networks. My comprehensive programs are designed to support students on intellectual, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

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