Creating Culture

Hello everyone. Violet here. (Virtual hug*) Feel free to post any questions or concerns, as you’ll all be arriving VERY soooooon! We have an amazing group of mentors this year with a menagerie of talents and interests. As for myself, I recently graduated from Pitzer College with a degree in Integrative Psychology/International-Intercultural Studies. My interests include; science, philosophy, music and above-all imagination! Performance art and visionary story-telling are my favorite mediums to share these interests especially in a community setting. I look forward to creating a safe-space for YOU to explore your interests and talents and wish you all a safe journey!

(Olga Klimova “dialogue”)


The name is Isaiah
I come from the online tribe
Gonna be going to citrus college
I’m honored to be involved in this program and I hope to meet new people and  learn as much as possible from the different workshops and elders

Hello and Welcome!!

Welcome to all 2014 Pipeline members! I am elated to have this opportunity to meet and work with every one of you joining us here in Southern California this summer. My name is Tiffany and this is my first summer working as a mentor for this terrific program. I am currently a student at Pitzer College, studying Environmental Analysis and International/Intercultural Studies. In my free time I enjoy hiking, diving, kayaking, dancing, roller skating, reading, and playing with my dog, Kai. I look forward to building new friendships and sharing this formative experience with you all.


Kualli Tonalli,

This is great! ^__^. I have been here in Pitzer College since Saturday and can’t believe how beautiful this campus is! The mentor training is very intense but the discussions we’ve been having is really nice. We all just created our blog usernames, so expect a lot of good entries from us mentors! Stay tuned folks, awesome things are in the works!


Hi guys.

My name is Clayton. I’m going to be a sophomore at Pitzer college this year, studying computer science. I’m looking forward to the two weeks we have together. Its going to be a lot of fun.

Ninja Signing In!

Hello, My name is Christa McGowan. I am a sophomore at Chaffey College and I am studying Technical Theatre. I am working towards a Certificate in Technical Theatre and an AA in Theatre Arts. I am currently living in Claremont and I come from the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. For the past 4-ish years I have been a participant in Pitzer College’s Native Pipeline. I have many interests including art (I like drawing, painting, writing, reading, interacting with music, and watching movies/plays), video games (mostly PC/XBox360 games like League of legends, minecraft, Call Of Duty Black Ops, and Amnesia), and I love the outdoors such as hiking and biking. I consider myself to be a traditional, fun-loving, and creative person. I hope we can all get along and create many new connections through our Pipeline Family~!

ghetto old porterville

well no one mite read this but i am home. i am not happy. on my 4 week of  school rather be back in LA with every one at the college have in a good time and laughing. i am sitting in class thinking about every one and remembering what i can about them. :’( i hope i see every one next year i hope and i miss and love all of u peace out 9446762393_09fbff82c5_zScreen Shot 2013-08-10 at 2.37.02 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-10 at 2.19.25 PMaddisonday of surfing

Graduation Photos

Hi Everyone!

I am posting some photos of Graduation for you to look at, especially for those parents who couldn’t make it. We do have a video of Graduation and more pictures but they are still being edited. Until then, enjoy these pictures. You can find more Pipeline photos on the Pipeline Flickr page at


Graduation Certificate – Sorry Nick, yours is the guinea pig today. :)


Graduation Keynote Speaker Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord, the first woman Dine surgeon and author of The Scalpel and the Silver Bear. 


Pipeline Students and Chumash friends all signing on stage during graduation.


Elder Robertjohn Knapp smiling during his graduation speech.