Today was another blessing from the creator. I had a lot of fun today. We started off the day with Aztec math. It was very confusing yet eye opening. After that we had writing, or an intro to writing I should say.  I always had a connection with writing. After that we went to Western university and it was very eye opening. Dr Tran talked about stuff that isn’t usually talked about. I never realized what our atmosphere carried. After that one of our elders taught us a new dance. I’m not a fan of dancing usually, but I’ll give this a try. It was very complicated for me to get, but I think I’ll get it down the line. All in all, today was a good day and I hope tomorrow is just as good of a day as today was.

Great day!

Today was a great day, just a sample of what’s to come. The Aztec math was great. The nepo is just an example of the amazing ingenuity the original people had, and it blows my mind every time. Math is my favorite subject after all. The academic writing is something I really look forward to simply because I know it’s something I can improve on greatly. Visiting Western University is always something I look forward to, because I want to be a surgeon when I grow up. WesternU has really tailored to my interests and now I’m considering, seriously considering attending WesternU. I had some strong feelings towards the use of the mice in the labs, but I shared those feelings during reflection tonight. All I can say is that I respect all life, and it hurts me to know, death, literal death occurs to innocent beings due to us. Moving forward, the danza was great and I really appreciate Vincent putting time in to teaching all of us something so meaningful. I have some knowledge in danza, having participated in a few powwows and ceremonies with my school. Its always nice to learn more from others, such as Vincent. The movie was awesome. At first I really didn’t feel like sitting down and watching a movie, but I was instantly stuck to it. I felt some strong feelings during the movie, but listening to Robert John speak really helped my straighten out those feelings. I always get extremely focused when an elder speaks, because there is so much wisdom, it would be a shame to not listen.

Point the finger at your self

Today marks the second day of the Native Pipeline program at Pitzer College. The day was a very packed and busy one.  Our first class was Aztec Math. This coarse in particular was very interesting to me because of how the natives used this method way back in the day. It’s astonishing to see how  smart our people are but sad at the same time because of the loss of tradition fading away. One of the perks of this program is that we are being taught to remember all the traditions and ways of our people. Doing activities like drum making and learning traditional dances really connect all of us back to our roots as…Native Americans. The worst thing that can happen is the corruption of a community, and as we learn to pass along and share our knowledge the better.

During our trip today at Western University, we learned the different out looks on life. As David Zachary stated about how life is depicted of different lenses – and which ever one we choose to look through we must be knowledgable about it. When we discussed the use of animal testing at Western University today, I understood many of us were upset about that fact and thinking to our selfies “Oh that’s so sad how they’re using innocent animals for testing to cure diseases and such.” The fact of it is, that we as humans created all these problems and diseases. It is horrible and wrong of us to do such a thing, but we can’t all be so naive. Doctors are there to try and help us survive, live and carry on with our lives. I can tell you from what I heard today , that the Medical Doctors  have no intent of hurting these animals but the truth is that we, as human beings, are to blame. We are the ones who pollute the earth, do stupid things , and bring all these bacterial disease and terrible outputs into our earth. We put our selves in this situation where doctors have to test on innocent animals to help cure us, the people. I hope if you read this you understand we are to blame, but it is never to late to change our nasty ways. -Thank you


” Dancing in the Moonlight~ “

Gosh, today was eventful and longer than the lunch line when the Italians get to the cafeteria first. A good kind of long though. Not the Italians; the day, I mean. First I woke up at 5 or 6AM, nice to know I can’t sleep through this new alarm I found,and I got a lot of alone time which– with 8 girls and 2 bathrooms–was very nice. It was cold though. I gotta learn how to use the AC,and more importantly, how to turn it off.

We did Aztec Math, which we got a tablet (like an abacus). It’s hard though! I still have to do subtraction on my hands with my fingers, so translating from fingers to tablet will be pretty hard. And then Academic English was good! It was fun listening to everyone talking. Then we went to Western University, and we learned about pollution and medical careers, and then went on a tour. I liked hanging out with Kevin Tarn and everything! Funny guy! And then we watched a movie about surfing and a famous man named Eddie Akiau (I think I spelled that right…? The tablets hard to work with multiple tabs).

But the best part was definitely when David came by to borrow Violet’s guitar and she brought out her fmusi in the hall right after my hot shower and just… Wow. He’s really improved from last year, I can’t wait to goto Wishatoyo because I remember Sarah and all the other Chumash musicians and David (and hopefully Violet!) playing together– it’s going to be amazing to hear. I can’t wait!


A wonderful end to a wonderful night guys, thanks David and Violet; love you both!

Interconnectedness in a disconnected world

Many facets today caused me to reflect upon the relevance of taking the time to be fully present. Present in our lives, our words, and our actions. That sounds a little wonky perhaps, how can we be living a life that we are not present for? Simple, many of us choose this path on a daily basis, we choose to continue this way by withholding recognition, respect, and responsibility from one another. As Robert John says, every day we all decide whether or not to grow, and allow ourselves to be changed in a positive way by engaging in our lives and engaging with one another. The vitality of acknowledging and respecting our intricate links are of the utmost importance in healing ourselves, our communities, and our mother. 

“Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world.” 
― Nadeem Aslam



First day of classes!! And it was pretty awesome even though I was half asleep throughout the day, haha. This evening, the movie we watched, not only about Eddie Aikau but explaining about the 49th state and how they cheated the Hawaiians into giving up there land, was so inspirational and i thought about the sovereignty us, Native Americans, have been through but we have to remember that we are strong and more powerful than we think. We have to respect our elders, parents, and everyone we come in contact with because they might be the only people that will care for us.

Stay fierce my friends. Yours truly, Dani.

Whoooaa! My day

Trisha- today was amazing I learned a lot I kinda got tired in the middle of the day but native science is still a question mark in my head like I heard everything tiffany was talking about I just couldn’t get it clear anyways tomorrow let’s see I may be tired but I’ll still learn more then ever ha okay
-work out (now)
-do nothing
-lay down and enjoy life lol
-goodnight people
<3 trish


Personal Legend

Throughout the day it was quite interesting, until we got to the end of the day after dinner we had 20 minutes of free time after that we went into a classroom. The movie that we where  going to watch was Hawaii: The legend of Eddie Aikau. It showed me a lot it was a quite touching story that had so much meaning and it gave me an idea that your spirit is something to cherish. No matter what you do never give up and if you believe in something make it happen. At the end Eddie had a great heart and was appreciated by everyone for who he was as a person. He had his own personal legend that one day, I need to find mine.  

                                                                             Jackie O.