The New World

The world around us is evolving in many different ways. Through technology, culture, education, and anything that has changed in the in the smallest ways, effects the world to what it has become even when you don’t notice – it occurs. We as a core of Native American students, are trying to take the next step, and further our educational path. 

Today we visited the Gross Anatomy Lab at Western University. You know, this was truly a “make or break”, point for any new comers into lab finding out whether they want to pursue in medicine or not. My view of the second year for me was very interesting. I feel that I have matured a lot more from last year and I really got to learn and understand how everything works inside our bodies. In conclusion, I owe a big thanks for these donors, who decided to donate and allow to be researched on, so that others can benefit off there gift to us. The gift of education. Knowledge is power nowadays, and I really now see how much all the people of this program care about us as Natives to strive in this world.  Peace and Blessings -Addison

Clever titles are haaaaardd

I was really glad for a lot of things today.

I got to see my dad and Uncle Jimmy earlier at Sunrise and learned more about Pigs Ears, one of the very few native plants that I know the name of and can recognize on sight (if anyone like Sarah or Christa or anyone wanted to know what they looked like still growing, I can help to see if there’s any around; they’re more likely to be in the Village or Western though).

I understood Aztec Math a lot better thanks to Pedro, for telling me what each of the “lines” (like the ones place,tens place, and such) meant if that makes sense? I wrote them down on paper and on my abacus (Sorry Uncle Vicente, I don’t know how to spell it in the Native language!) to help me tomorrow. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow now, since I’ll understand better tomorrow! “Social Injustice in Surfing” Class was interesting, but the notes were all over the place and all we did was class discussions. I think,out of the three questions from the beginning of class, we only finished one answer….? Still a fun class tho! And the book in Academic English was fun to read. I annotated it with the rest of my dorm-mates, mentors, and I popcorn reading. We read a random three subsections throughout the first chapter, though I got behind the others since I was writing notes and underlining in the margins to better process it all. So I still have to stay up to finish that, along with my e-mail/homework for that class. That’s what I get for procrastinating, I suppose.

In-between the two I got a “Frozen Explosion” at the Pitzer Café, which later became a mistake. I’m asking for an ingredients list next time, because sitting in the restroom at Western, thinking I’m gonna puke because of my lactose intolerance, was not a fun part of the day.

We did the cadaver at Western today too, which confused me at first because I thought the schedule meant that we’d be doing the “Anatomy and Animation” lecture with Dr. Regga (Is that how it’s spelled?)(Because spell check insisted it was Dr. Reggae xD) today, which was my favorite lecture in all the three years I’ve been at Pipeline. I hope we do get to have it still, and can keep our phones during that lecture as well, because I either want to video tape or take pictures of that; I’ve only heard it once in my first year and I took awful notes. Thankfully, by the end of the cadaver lab, my stomach didn’t feel queasy like it had beforehand.

Back at Pitzer after, it was dark but still too light for stars, and I hung out with some of my new friends at Pipeline (not all, I’ve made a lot this year; I’m proud of myself) on the hammock. All of us figured put how to lay down on the hammock at once, though it took some creative thinking and using other peoples’ lower legs for pillows (Sorry Johnathon) to do it. But it was nice! Then we helped out Uncle Vicente with sanding stuff down– I forget what they were called, but it’s the corn-kernel like pieces of the abacuses… abacusi?– and then I helped MacKayla with her Academic English homework by correcting her grammar. English Teacher experience! But yeah, it’s the “Little Old Lady” piece. You should all check it out, she worked hard on it!

I’d add a nice picture on here too, but all I can manage are purposefully-ugly selfies right now and I already did that, soooooooo, c’est la vee.

Day 3(2nd full day)

Today is another great day given to us by the creator. We started off this morning with sunrise ceremony. It was a beautiful way to start off the day. After breakfast we did our so far daily Aztec math session which is always fun. We focused more on systems and decimals today. After that we did writing. We did more describing, which will always help a writer in some way. After that we went to Western university again today. They showed us poisoned  organs (organs with cancer), so we don’t do them in the future. After that we had I think the longest ceremony I’ve ever had. That’s a good thing though, there was a lot of people there, so they were getting a little bit of our medicine. We talked about the Eddie Aikou movie we saw yesterday. It was very interesting to see what people thought about the movie. Today was just a blessing to us; seeing stuff other people our age don’t get to see. Thank you everybody for an amazing day today and hope to have another good day tomorrow.


I remember reading somewhere that 75% of the world is lactose intolerant, and before I thought that 25% were all in Claremont, here, since I never met anyone outside my family who couldn’t handle much milk. And out of the three other people in my hall, two are lactose intolerant too.

We found that out the hard way tho. 

Next time: we’re all asking for an ingredient list before ordering at the Pitzer Café, because finding out that neato fun fact is not so neato when the three of us are trying not to puke in the Western restroom stalls. Glad I don’t have a roomie to plague upon with my intolerance to my lactose intolerance.


I’m gonna miss my “Frozen Explosion” drink.

The Little Old Lady😁

An encounter

with an elder

that taught me something:

We have a lot of elders on our reservation, and my cousin, Destiny, and I were walking home after school because we missed the bus; it was a beautiful, sunny day out. We watched the canoes pull out in the water; the sun was reflecting off of the water, the canoes were going out, and we watched the canoes until we couldn’t see them anymore.

Then we started walking home we got to Little Bear Rest Home and saw a little old lady carrying a whole bunch of bags, so we decided to help her. We grabbed her bags as we walked up the hill, and she started talking to us. She said she had caught the city bus home, and that nobody would help her with her bags beforehand. We started talking to her, and she asked my cousin and I who are parents are. First, Destiny answered and the little lady said she knew who Destiny’s parents and grandparents were. Which then spurred the old lady to tell a couple stories about Destiny’s relatives.

Then the old lady turned me, and in her scratchy little voice asked, “And who are your parents and grandparents?”

I explained who my parents were, she seemed like she didn’t know them. But then I went on, and said in a respectful tone that my grandparents are Jim and Sharon Scott. She then questioned me, “Sharon Revey?”

“Yeah, that’s her maiden name.”

Then she went on and on, more excitedly now, about my Auntie Karen and Sharon, because they’re twin sisters. The old lady also told me about my great-grandma and grandpa, Arlene and Manuel, whom I have never met or heard about before in my life. She continue to explain how caring and sweet my great-grandparents were for other people. She also talked about how they were very good people, with a large smile on her wrinkled face, because both of my great-grandparents knew how to fish and cook, and seemed like she knew they could probably overcome any kind challenge . Then, since it was 4:30 or 5:00nin late dusky evening, I called my grandma. And I could hear my grandma’s scared voice starting to getting mad because I hadn’t been home when I was suppose to be, so we quickly finished giving the little old lady help. The old lady thanked us and told us in her small voice, filled to the brim with long and heavy breaths, “What you do for people will come back to you when you’re in need of help”.

And that was the last time I saw that little old lady. But that was okay, I got to know so much more about my great-grandparents, and that made my heart so happy I could just cry! The little old lady had filled my heart with such joyfulness, and I had filled hers with the same by helping and respecting my elders. We were taught to always help our elders when they’re in need, and I am so glad that I did!

After Life

Today was a experience it was a lot different it opened my eyes a little bit more I got the chance to see something that other people don’t get the chance to see. But I got to see that PEOPLE gave there life’s to science so the young can learn to be doctors and save life’s in the future. To teach the different parts of the body. It really made me wonder why why did they want to give up there body’s for that like what they thought before they died is that they will be dissected. I thought that maybe they think that there body just still lives on for a little while. It really made me wonder but I’m really glad these people gave me the chance to do this and live it. Made me see there much more to my body and its beautiful and amazing.
I really liked the circle up thing to make me be a bigger person to get up and speak and to listen so I can do that more one day.
Ah ho

Day 3 : taking risk

Today obviously the biggest thing we experience to day was cadavers that to most of us was pretty sketchy I mean for some it was our first time seeing that and in NY own opinion it’s way pretty amazing. I loved seeing things I’ve never seen. But this was a risk that I took to work up the courage to go in lucky to me I had a great group. Everything is about risk and chance if you think about it. You take a risk hoping there is a chance something good will happen and most of the time it dose everything happens for a reason and it may not all be good. However if you don’t take that chance and you just stay in your little  safety zone you will never know what yo are capable of doing. Like today I look around and I see people hanging out and doing things with other people that they weren’t hanging around yesterday. Because they took a chance to talk to them to put themselves out there an try to be their fiend and because they did that by the end of the day everyone was having fun and getting along I’m slowly seeing the small groups turn into big groups. I know many of us consider this a family already but I seen today that more people are warming up to it and its a beautiful thing to sit back and see and I am so thankful that I took the risk to be here in this program because what was a Scarry thing to do at first is now an amazing blessing that I will Cary with me for the rest of my life and I want to thank every single one of you for being so welcoming and for everything that has happened in the last 3 days