MacKayla :D

Today was a really great day, today we had a dinner for my uncle our little family was here not our huge big family because were not that close with all our families, so the job I got is paying me $10 and hour to do my family history I’ll be working with my school principal’s mom, but oh my gosh! my family history that’s going to take forever, I come from really big families. My day went pretty well the canoes landed here today for canoe journey, so Marla’s sister came because she is on canoe journey, so she came and today turned out really great for my uncles dinner, now were all just sitting here watching Netflix. I miss the village so much, Luhui and I talked for a few minutes and she was telling me she’s putting together a slideshow and she would send it to me so I’m excited to see what that’s going to look like! But I really want to FaceTime the ones who have Iphones so if you have an Iphone lets FaceTime. My sister and I are going to watch the canoes pull out and leave tomorrow from the Stommish Grounds so that will be good to go see everyone off as they make their journey to where there landing. It’s been really hot here lately so maybe even tomorrow we’ll go swimming, so I’m really tired today was a fun, long, exhausting day, so goodnight.. — MacKayla Sharon George



today was a really great day.. Got up and my sister and I made a tiny breakfast for ourselves, then made fry bread, found out I got a job today, start drives ed, tomorrow is uncles birthday, some canoes landed at the stommish grounds for Canoe Journey.. Today has been just an amazing day I hope for many more like this to come!❤️❤️❤️ excited to start my job Monday!❤️😬😐😁 


Today was an okay day. Today was my auntie’s funeral.. She passed away when I was There was in California.. Hate seeing my families go through this. I think the best thing I,be heard on having a hard day is ” you sound just like your grandma Sharon when you talk, your real grandma”, because my spiritual grandma told me that. Best thing I can hear on having a bad day.❤️💔 the rest of the day after went good, my uncle got a room at the Silver Reef Casino we all just got done swimming.. I just hope tomorrow is better then today.😔😒😴… So the in loving memory picture is my auntie Gina, then I have quotes, then the two pictures of my grandma.. R.I.P grandma Sharon V. Revey- Scott and auntie Regina Ann Charles❤️❤️ rest in paradise!❤️ the future is yet to come, they will hold good and bad memories, let’s hope the good ones come first❤️ 


# LummiNation

Well I just got done eating dinner and I looked I was like “Time for blogging!” my auntie looked at me weird wondering what’s wrong with me :D. It feels so good to be home but I miss everyone already. Today I got to sleep in and it felt good, it felt like forever since I’ve got to sleep in, I’ve been thinking they tell us were the leaders of the future, my sister and I she is also 16 we are talking about wanting to start a We R Native group out here in Lummi, we don’t seem to do anything like that around here, their are kids who do just not around here. We wanted to start it and talk about drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, and learning more about our culture, because there are some kids out here who don’t know about or very much about our culture so there are 3 of us, me, my sister, and older cousin. So 3 of us are kind of going to start it post our videos and if kids are interested they can join. This is still just an idea and were hoping it’s going to work. DSC00396

Joye’s Last Blog

For the cause to get more Native kids to attend college, I’d like to talk to my friends about our book we have created together.  There are many aspects that are obtained within the book that gives better perspective to young Native youth.  I’d share it with family also so they can be encouraged to attend college.