My name is Ninaya Spotted Elk, I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and is Navajo/Northern Cheyenne, Navajo from my mother’s side and Cheyenne from my father’s. I am currently 16 years old, going to become a Junior in high school. I attend East high school, which also where the movie, High School Musical was filmed. My favorite activities to do are; going on hikes, reading, and drink coffee.

The reason why I applied to the Pitzer Pipeline Program is because I am very interested in attend schools (specifically a liberal arts college) in California. I love to visit and experience colleges so then I can really get to know the atmosphere of it.

For day 1, we did ice breakers to get to know everybody a little better. It was very enjoyable to watch everyone have a great time with that activity. After that, we all got to make soap stone carvings and rattles from buffalo hide. I enjoyed making the carvings, however I was not really loving the smell of the hide. Moving on to the next subject, we were given some advice from Rose and Bingo by telling us stories. It was very interesting on how they told us on what they went through and were able to push themselves to move further, especially when they had some tough times.

2 thoughts on “All about Ninaya

  1. Hi Ninaya! The hides were very smelly indeed but just wait till they dry out and don’t smell anymore. I’m glad you liked soapstones with Julia Bogany! She’s a chill Elder.

  2. Ninaya so happy you are part of the program! I’m happy you’re visit colleges and getting a feel for which one will fit your needs best! It’s very important! I only have one addiction and it’s coffee!

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