Five reasons why it is important to go to college for me:

1. I can pursue into my dream job, environmental science.

2. I can get as many degrees as you want

3.  Provides many opportunities and advantages in getting a job.

4. You can earn twice as much as a person with a high school diploma.

5. If I do not go to college, I will have a miserable life and have a difficult time surviving our society.

After achieving my first goal (which is finishing high school) I want to achieve my 2nd goal, going to college. I want to go into Environmental Science to study and research more about our environment. It’s my life goal technically. After getting a degree in environmental science, I want to at least get another degree in the Arts. This is also my second dream career, going into the Arts. Without going to college, most studies show that a college student, graduated, with a college degree earn nearly twice as much than a person that has a high school diploma.


Today we started our classes. English, Genetics, and College App. It was very nice because it helped me understand a lot, especially with the college app and how we will be able to be ready for future college applications. After doing all those classes, we went to Scott’s house  and had dinner. It was very delicious. We also went swimming which was refreshing. Today was all about getting work done and relaxing at the end. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed yesterday. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and the next day because I know they will be as amazing as today’s and yesterday’s. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ninaya’s log 1

  1. Hi Ninaya. My fav comment was : you can get as many degrees as you want.

    Heck yeah get three, four, five degrees if you want! 👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾🎓🎓

    But seriously you can always get one degree in both envro science AND art. It’s called double majoring.

  2. Ninaya – Like Elizabeth I am impressed with your goal of multiple degrees and you are a woman that know what she wants and Elizabeth is right – I have many students that double major in two separate fields or combine majors. You may have to take more courses in the two fields you want to study – so less electives, but it is still definitely do-able during a four year college program.

    FYI… Pitzer you can study…
    Environmental Analysis
    We also have a new Sustainability Center – Robert Redford Conservancy


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