Five things that can make it hard for Native American Students to attend college is:

1. Money- As some people know, most Native Americans do not have jobs or degrees and it is difficult to deal with financial aid. Furthermore, if a younger native youth wants to attend college but there family is in a financial crisis, it’s pretty tough to past through the book fees, fee waivers, etc.

2. Race- There is still racism in our society today. We do not have a perfect world so there is some racism. Most people have a though that Most or even all American Indians cannot finnish college and they just go to there reservation to drink alcohol everyday. However, that it not true at all. Putting pressure on American Indians about their race, especially if its from a college admission can be very tense.

3. Confidence- I would not say just American Indians have this problem, but other people do as well. Confidence, I think is very important when trying to attend college. We need to have the courage to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves harder. When you do not have confidence, you tend to forget why you are trying or why you should even try. Using confidence can help boost your motivation in applying for college.

4. Support- Support, especially from families and relatives is very helpful. It can increase your happiness and excitement when applying for college. Supporters can help you out when you fill out your College application or even motivate you to go big things. Most American Indians do not even get support from families or relatives and then they start to feel as if they did something wrong.

5. Grades- This is very important in my opinion because almost every Native American student I’ve met has slacked off in their first two years of college. They think that they do not need to try because there is no point in going to college. They feel like grades do not meaning anything, However they do. Native Americans need to push there self so they can pursue there dreams.


Today was like every other day, very content. In the morning we had breakfast (of course) and had time to get change because we had a morning work out. After getting all dressed, we went to our everyday classes, Theater, English, and Common App. In theater, we did had a very interesting activity where there were 4 animals on east wall. Rabbit, Turtle, Hawk and Tiger. Our teacher then would say a situation where if we would act or think like this animal or not and we would go to the animal that was most like us in the situation. It was so interesting seeing on where everybody would go to because you could get to know that person better in a way. After theater class, we went to english class and got all together to discuss literary events in the book we are currently reading. After english class, we start out Common App. It was very helpful because I got a lot done in my Common App. I got to see my college’s fees, due dates, and expectations in a student that wants to attend Whitman College. My favorite part of the day was having our free time, which was half and hour. I finally go to relax and bring all my ideas back to place. Overall, today was great and I am still looking forward for tomorrow and after tomorrow 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ninaya’s daily log 2

  1. Hi Ninaya! Having free time is important. We – Scott and I – sometimes forget that free time is not just about playing around but time for meditation and reflection of the activities/lecture/reading. After all, so much happens in one day, you need time to process it all

  2. Hi Ninaya – thank you for your in-depth look at each of the five college barriers that your listed. It is very important how you framed each issue so that anyone reading it knows not to further stigmatize or discriminate against Native Youth and/or communities – your explanations are very clear and well thought out. Bravo!!! 🙂

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