My response for Tory Mudd was that when I see things like genocide or boarding schools it makes me feel emotional like mixed emotions you can say. It’s something that has happened along time ago but we still struggle with that today because after our elders and ancestors got out of the boarding schools they would start drinking because of everything they went through there the alcohol kind of numbed that pain away and now we have so much drugs and alcohol on our reservation we can’t get it off. I can go on about this topic but I also really liked Pamela Peters poem! I really loved it, it’s like she’s just letting people know we’re still here as native Americans and that we not what people think we are. We’re strong indigenous Native American women and no matter what we know who we are and what we’ve been through, I really liked her she was kind of an inspiration because I write poems sometimes and I really really loved hers! It was absolutely amazing! With the Museum it was kind of alright I guess I didn’t see as much as last year I didn’t really know what to think cause I had other things going on at the moment but after I gathered myself back up and put myself back together I walked back into the room and looked at everything, I thought it was cool to see some things but also emotional I guess just because when I see things from long ago I think about genocide and just thinking some of those stuff were from babies and those babies might have not had a good life or maybe they didn’t live as long as others but it was also cool to see those things I guess because I don’t see all kinds of stuff like that at home, at home I see cedar baskets, canoes and just stuff like that our ancestors built but I thought it was kind of cool seeing so many different things and learning about other cultures knowing how other cultures work. I watched a few people make traditional baskets and it made me think of our cedar baskets at home and I found it really awesome to watch someone from other cultures make baskets. I really liked going to the science lab today too! I loved that part I love science so much! During lunch I jumped on my phone and texted people telling them I got to look at worms with jellyfish DNA in them and it made them glow in the dark they were called C. Elegans it was really cool that was the highlight of my day.!πŸ’œπŸ’œ 


One thought on “MacKayla.😁

  1. Thank you for sharing Mackayla!

    Pamela’s poem was amazing and very inspiring! The womyn’s stories and words were very powerful and thier collective action was moving. I am glad to hear that you write poetry too πŸ™‚

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