First of all I would like to thank everyone at this program for being so kind it is crazy because you it is not common to find people like this i feel very grateful to have meet the people I have. to recently we have done writing about the college that we would like to attend  to. that was very cool because it made me think more about what kinda place i want to be at for college. when we looking up the colleges I was unsure and it made me fall be hind but I was really trying to figure out what would be best for me.  another thing that i would like to talk about is the blogging i am doing it is helping me with finding a more confidant voice because I normal do not like to share how I feel but i feel i can do that now. a lot of the people are really amazing one of my favorite parts is going for the runs in the morning with the mentor. running was important to me because it is something I love to do and when the mentors did that with me I felt more connected to them. The Aztec math is still really hard for me ive never been really good at math and i am going to try my hardest to understand it. The blanket exercise was eye opening because I was able to see what happened to the native people physically. i able to read how they take me land i can listen to the story’s and other things but non had made me understand it was different and this expose to reality very good for me and i hope to share what I learned with other natives or anyone about it. That night when we had done that we had not only did the exercise but the elder explained what he did to him at the boarding school and other people had similar experiences and that room became very emotional. it helped all  of us bond in a powerful way its only been the 4th day but everyone here already feels like family.the workshops are cool i was able to carve soap stone and make a medicine bear necklace the lady is very nice. the free time i get to hang out with the other students and we listen to music and relax music is a important part of my life it helps me think better and the some of the people are the same way i just feel like i really belong here.

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