when i go there we were greeted by   MATI WAIYA and LUHUI ISHA.when i was greeted in that way bi t was pretty amazing to see the Chumash people use those songs.also i was able to learn more song and remembered old songs . it is like being home there and its so beautiful at night the stars shine and there aren’t enough words to use to describe it is just so powerful being there.one of the most fun things i did was cook in the kitchen i was serving the elders it was very enjoyable

secondly the classes were inspiring i lerend to twine and use it. first pound  leaves and they seperate into thin strands i split them in halfs twist outward and then around after that i repeted over and over till i got cord .later i made more and i really engoyed it so much i didnt have enough time to sleep eitheer but for a goog reason i did sweat loge with the men here ive done that all my life never befor had i experince that typew of enrgy. there is so much to say but rn im on a time dead line i hope to tell other people more about my time there.

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