today i went to western university and i went to learn about the human heart.the program allowed us to go int a cadaver lab . i felt like was disrespecting the body even tho that what that person intended us to do.i touched the human lung it was a little cold gray .i felt great sympathy for those patients and its hard to be that way i was told to think about them they way i did the said it is natural to be uncomfortable. was very conflicted i was try to see them in a different way but iy is hard that was a person who did things in this world and i just felt if i was able to meet the family of that person i would have felt better about going into that lab.over all i was not to conformable of doing that thing and it is not for me i called my dad for advice he told me it was OK that those emotions occur but it is also important to learn and help other people who are still needed on this world. by Cuauhtli Ramos

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