cuauhtli would like to thank all the people who fed him good food and kept him alive. cuauhtli also really enjoyed being at all the cool work shops. cuauhtli has almost no words to put to  this program . I learn so much from all the work shop people i kinda forget names but they all meant very much tom me also i haven’t really danced anywhere but here i felt good and i feel fee here. I havnt done danza since i was nine and I felt comfortable doing it here rather than anywhere else. iM glad I did. Im probably gonna start going back to it. Im thankful for meeting Kyle. At first I thought he was a small little white dude, later I found out he is a real native! We know a lot of the same songs. I cant wait to hang out with him at school. We’re going to tear the school apart and attack the history teachers with the knowledge that I have learned here and all of my life. I have gone to different programs and I can honestly say this one was the best. One of my favorite parts about living in the dorms is this really cool mentor named Belmont. I can be expressive around him. He has shown me a different mentality and foods. Wishtoyo:

Mati is one of the greatest people I have every met. I liked relearning songs that I had forgot. Relearning them gave me power, the flow of energy from my toes to my head. Able to pour my heart out into every word that I sing and appreciate it. Wishtoyo felt like home. Its hard to explain. I felt the ground. It wasnt concrete. I woke up and heard and smelled the ocean. It was refreshing, cleansing. The fresh water stream next to everything tasted like normal water. The scenery was perfect. You could have everything you ever wanted: Mountains, ocean, kinda deserty in some parts.

Id like to thank scott for everytime he greets me he comes with this energy like hey man whatsup! He has an energy that tells me he is there. With an unconditional love for everybody around him.

I cant wait to come back next year fart around and learn more!

-Cuauhtli Out

One thought on “thank you from cuauhtli

  1. Yesss Cuauhtli! Using those descriptions to make us feel like we’re there with you.
    Keep up the great writing. I’m so glad you and Kyle are ready to take on the history teachers!
    Hope we see you around pitzer in the fall too. Saturdays we do essay and college prep help. Yall should come!
    Thanks for sharing,

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