thank you from cuauhtli

cuauhtli would like to thank all the people who fed him good food and kept him alive. cuauhtli also really enjoyed being at all the cool work shops. cuauhtli has almost no words to put to  this program . I learn so much from all the work shop people i kinda forget names but they all meant very much tom me also i haven’t really danced anywhere but here i felt good and i feel fee here. I havnt done danza since i was nine and I felt comfortable doing it here rather than anywhere else. iM glad I did. Im probably gonna start going back to it. Im thankful for meeting Kyle. At first I thought he was a small little white dude, later I found out he is a real native! We know a lot of the same songs. I cant wait to hang out with him at school. We’re going to tear the school apart and attack the history teachers with the knowledge that I have learned here and all of my life. I have gone to different programs and I can honestly say this one was the best. One of my favorite parts about living in the dorms is this really cool mentor named Belmont. I can be expressive around him. He has shown me a different mentality and foods. Wishtoyo:

Mati is one of the greatest people I have every met. I liked relearning songs that I had forgot. Relearning them gave me power, the flow of energy from my toes to my head. Able to pour my heart out into every word that I sing and appreciate it. Wishtoyo felt like home. Its hard to explain. I felt the ground. It wasnt concrete. I woke up and heard and smelled the ocean. It was refreshing, cleansing. The fresh water stream next to everything tasted like normal water. The scenery was perfect. You could have everything you ever wanted: Mountains, ocean, kinda deserty in some parts.

Id like to thank scott for everytime he greets me he comes with this energy like hey man whatsup! He has an energy that tells me he is there. With an unconditional love for everybody around him.

I cant wait to come back next year fart around and learn more!

-Cuauhtli Out

today Cuauhtli Ramos

Todays lecture was inspiring and just the power of knowing your identity. with out that i would not be me and colonizing is a huge part in how we do things now. i stared to think what were to happen if the white man never came over to this place soon after i realize they would have had to some day but i think this world could be more united if we respected the earth and our bodes the last lecture was so cool because i was able to express in a way with music that i had never done before i had a few good laughs too i really thankful of the people here and they make me ha35288987093_572ba7c717_zppy

greater understandings

today i went to western university and i went to learn about the human heart.the program allowed us to go int a cadaver lab . i felt like was disrespecting the body even tho that what that person intended us to do.i touched the human lung it was a little cold gray .i felt great sympathy for those patients and its hard to be that way i was told to think about them they way i did the said it is natural to be uncomfortable. was very conflicted i was try to see them in a different way but iy is hard that was a person who did things in this world and i just felt if i was able to meet the family of that person i would have felt better about going into that lab.over all i was not to conformable of doing that thing and it is not for me i called my dad for advice he told me it was OK that those emotions occur but it is also important to learn and help other people who are still needed on this world. by Cuauhtli Ramos

my change that i want to bring

one of the many problems with the world is law enforcement I have some experience with it. when i was living at mt old house i would walk home and the police officer would follow me home all the time .other people get beat by police and this is not right. in my future i want to be cop to change that i want to be that guy who says hey you shouldn’t do that and i also want to bring a different mentality to the uneducated people. the second biggest change is the respect for women.the women are so important and aren’t getting the respect that they deserve. i want to show the peole why they are so important from a natives point of veiw. in this picture this man has also taught me the importance of women and i am very gratful for what he has taught me   by cuauhtli


Wishtoyo Cuauhtli

when i go there we were greeted by   MATI WAIYA and LUHUI ISHA.when i was greeted in that way bi t was pretty amazing to see the Chumash people use those songs.also i was able to learn more song and remembered old songs . it is like being home there and its so beautiful at night the stars shine and there aren’t enough words to use to describe it is just so powerful being of the most fun things i did was cook in the kitchen i was serving the elders it was very enjoyable

secondly the classes were inspiring i lerend to twine and use it. first pound  leaves and they seperate into thin strands i split them in halfs twist outward and then around after that i repeted over and over till i got cord .later i made more and i really engoyed it so much i didnt have enough time to sleep eitheer but for a goog reason i did sweat loge with the men here ive done that all my life never befor had i experince that typew of enrgy. there is so much to say but rn im on a time dead line i hope to tell other people more about my time there.

cuauhtli day 5

Today was very productive:  baskets. ummm I was walking on a rope that was connected by two trees and I was doing good with balancing on it and then one leg gave out on me and fell near the pelvic region. It was really funny I was going down i didn’t fully hit the grown i was hanging like a sloth. Huitzilin and Aolani were laughing really hard they are really amazing people I connect with them really well they have made my experience here enjoyable. this happened right after writing class. in writing class we were working on common applications foe college to be prepared for what they are looking for in a student.later in they day at lunch the hot dog was gross the conversations there were dope they made me laugh and almost spit out my french fry.after  math we went to math it is still really hard for me but still cool.

Cuauhtli day 4

First of all I would like to thank everyone at this program for being so kind it is crazy because you it is not common to find people like this i feel very grateful to have meet the people I have. to recently we have done writing about the college that we would like to attend  to. that was very cool because it made me think more about what kinda place i want to be at for college. when we looking up the colleges I was unsure and it made me fall be hind but I was really trying to figure out what would be best for me.  another thing that i would like to talk about is the blogging i am doing it is helping me with finding a more confidant voice because I normal do not like to share how I feel but i feel i can do that now. a lot of the people are really amazing one of my favorite parts is going for the runs in the morning with the mentor. running was important to me because it is something I love to do and when the mentors did that with me I felt more connected to them. The Aztec math is still really hard for me ive never been really good at math and i am going to try my hardest to understand it. The blanket exercise was eye opening because I was able to see what happened to the native people physically. i able to read how they take me land i can listen to the story’s and other things but non had made me understand it was different and this expose to reality very good for me and i hope to share what I learned with other natives or anyone about it. That night when we had done that we had not only did the exercise but the elder explained what he did to him at the boarding school and other people had similar experiences and that room became very emotional. it helped all  of us bond in a powerful way its only been the 4th day but everyone here already feels like family.the workshops are cool i was able to carve soap stone and make a medicine bear necklace the lady is very nice. the free time i get to hang out with the other students and we listen to music and relax music is a important part of my life it helps me think better and the some of the people are the same way i just feel like i really belong here.

Spirit Games

To day i was able to learn the amazing history of these old native games.this has inspired  me to try it one day in my future.I would like to thank the people who gave me this experience. one of the thing that stood out to me was the game was used to settle things back in the day there would be arguments among  people and they would use this instead of creating war. later we can make people aware of this and use it more today . this has made me more knowledgeable about something I kinda knew and i am grateful for that . i hope other people will enjoy this movie as much as I did .

Cuauhtli Ramos first day

35028977064_834feda76f_z (1)

I am here at this program for this opportunity to experience being around other natives and learn from them. learned very much like how make clapper sticks that was very amazing because i am yokut and in  my culture and we use them a lot I use them in many song that i sing but i have never made one.I am exited to lean not only about my culture but others as of the many things I nervous about is failing in activity because I want to do the best i can so that I can look and be proud. Today we talked about who was a important person in our lives and i said my cousin he is the person who inspires me and gives me the confidence that i have today. i hope to be able to share what I have learn in this program with him. Lastly i am very happy with the people around me I think that they are pretty cool and am excited to spend 2 weeks with them.