Ninaya’s daily log 12

The commitment I can make to distribute my book, “Native Youth SUrvival Guide to Preparing for College” is that I want to share this to the indigenous youths at my school. About 1% of American Indians attend my high school and most of them fail classes. We have an American Indian meetings every month and I want to tell them about this program and let them know that it can help them with college experiences and future College applications. However, if they are not interested in this program, I can give them tips about creating their College App. I want everyone to be successful and happy with where they are, especially my people.

Ninaya’s daily log 11

The Common Application is a site build for students to access equity in the college application process. You can send your application to private college schools. Common Application is simple and easy to use and can create less stress when applying for colleges/universities. Filling out the Common App can prepare you for future essays or prompt that are required in college.

It is important to look up colleges before applying to them because you need to know if it fits you right. It is important because what if the college does not have the atmosphere you are expecting it for. I would suggest on visiting the college/university before applying. You should also check their “About us” which should be provided on their website. See why their college atmosphere is the best for you. Lastly, you should see if they have the academic needs for you. If the college you are looking into does not have the academic needs, you should try on finding another college.


Writing a strong college essay can give you a higher chance in getting accepted. For example, if you are planning on going to a less-selective school and you have ok grades, you can create a strong essay to boost up your chances in getting into that school because Admissioners look at your essays, resume, grades, GPA, ACT scores, etc. Strong essays can hook the person who looks at your application and can make them more interested in you. Lastly, Strong essays can also show the audience that you have confidence in what you have to say. It shows strength in your voice in a text.

Great tips for writing a great college essay is to select the best topic/subject. For example, Common App gives students the option of selecting a prompt to write about. You should decided on what topic you should write about that is easy to write about and you can add depth to it. Make sure you answer the question. Most students will stray off the topic and make the essay loose focus. This can make he admissions people loose interest quicker. It is also really important to not sound materialistic, creating your tone of your essay a bit snobbish. You can have some humor in the essay, just no materialism. Another tip is to make your essay the right length. writing a 200 word essay shows that you given up easily. I would preferably write 500 words or more. Lastly, always always always proof read and organize your work! I have heard some stories of students spelling words wrong and it can effect your chance in getting into that school. A tip I like to use is reading your essay out loud.


Tips for telling your story is to really put effort into it. You should have stories about accomplishments and challenges you have dealt with in pervious years. You should invest in having a strong introductory to really hook your audience. You should not tell lies, your story should be truthful and be all about you. Make it your voice so that others can hear you. Do not stress too hard on just a story about you. You can make it as complex as you want (if that is your personality) or very simple and clean with details. Overall, essays should not get you all worked up. Just make sure it have your voice in it. Essays should be all about you and how you became the person you are today! Hopefully my blog for today has been very helpful for others after reading this. 🙂

Ninaya’s daily log 10

Three aspects of indigenous Culture/Community that prepare me to be successful and lead a meaningful life is personally for me, it would be ceremonies, language, and talking circles. Ceremonies are important to me because it gives everyone a cultural atmosphere to each of our culture. We can refresh our mind and be grateful of who we are and grow. Language is important as well. Learning your native tongue can bring you closer to your families culture and your language can be really helpful especially to put on a resume. Lastly, talking circles. You can learn from others and can put knowledge in others about what you know about your Tribe. Participating in cultural ceremonies can help me with future college education by future learning. Giving back to your community is important because it can let you learn to become a better person. Overall, I think that culture with education is important because you can gain knowledge in general and gain knowledge about your culture.

Ninaya’s daily log 9

I made a clapper and it was very fun. I got to make it all on my own and paint it. Clappers are mostly used for ceremony songs and dances. What I learned from Wishtoyo is wisdom. I have learned to have the quality of being wised and good judgement. My favorite cultural experience was when we all gathered at night  with the elders and told stories. I really enjoyed hearing the elders stories. My favorite story I heard was the rainbow bridge story, It was so different and interesting. Another thing I loved about WIshtoyo was the beach view. It was so gorgeous and you could see how blue the ocean was. I was really happy we were close to the beach because I love the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand. It was also my first time to sleep by the ocean in an ap. Lastly, I really enjoyed staying with everyone from the Pitzer program. We all got closer than ever and I have learned a lot about all of your personalities. Overall, I enjoyed everything about this program. I am glad I attended this Summer program and I am looking for tomorrow and the next day. 🙂


Ninaya’s daily log 9

It is important for Native youth to tell stories to each other because they can learn from each other. Whether its mistakes, advice, or learning something new, we can all learn something from a story. Personally, the only story I have to tell for now is who I am. I think that is what matters to me right now. My favorite movie at the moment is Gone girl and my favorite book is either anything horror or classic novels.

Ninaya’s daily log 8

The college I looked up was Whitman College. I looked at their recreational activities and they offered a recreational center for students to spend their time for fitness. Swimming, weight rooms, studios, and messages is what they offered. I personally think that it good to provide students a recreational center so they can be healthier and stay active, especially after studying for awhile. 🙂

Ninaya’s daily log 7

My favorite part of the native cooking with Kim Marcus was helping out with the pinions. It was nice because I love pinions. My job during the native cooking was cracking the pinions. It was beneficial to the nutritious diet because it was healthy.


Today was rainy. However, I love rainy days and the smell of petrichor. In the morning, I my group made breakfast. We made pancakes, bacon, and potatoes. I sliced watermelon and strawberries. After breakfast we did not do our classes but we did some hands on activities. I enjoyed making pictographs with my group. After lunch, we went to the mall and shopped. I enjoyed that as well but I wish I got more stuff because I did not spend a lot of money… Anyways, after shopping, we had dinner and ate. Overall, today was very calming and tiring. To wrap my reflection, as I always say, I am excited for tomorrow and the next day! 🙂

Ninaya’s daily log 6

One thing I truly miss that is back at home are my friends. Even though I have been face timing, snap chatting, and texting them, I still miss partying with them <3. Probably the first thing I will do when I get home is grab my friends and go to concerts like we always do. However, I am enjoying Pitzer so I am fine with be here as well.                                          Hardest thing about staying away from home is that I cannot see my friends and family. They are amazing and I am glad that I will get to see them soon. The greatest thing about staying away from home is that I am in California first of all, my favorite state to be in. It has amazing colleges and vibe to it that makes me want to stay here forever.


Today has been very fun. In theater, we did the same thing we yesterday, we had to pick a partner and be sculptures. After that, we had English class, Common App, and Western U. We then had lunch, and I got to have Subway (which was nice). Then we went to Mount Baldy and stayed there until 8. Overall, today was marvelous. And as I always end my blog, I am very excited for tomorrow and the next day, here at Pitzer college. 🙂

Thug life

Ninaya’s daily log 5

Cradle Board:

Seeing most artifacts from our ancestors in a museum, like most people felt uncomfortable and sad. I piece of our peoples clothing, art, baskets, and jewelry are being displayed in museums all over the country. I mean it is fascinating to see it, however it might have been stolen from an American Indian that is still trying to find their ancestors creations.               When I was a little girl, I use to visit my great-grandmother who lives in Blue Mountain, which is in Arizona, I would hike with my mother to a rocky little canyon place and remember seeing my ancestors cradle in a cave that has been in there for a long time. It was protected and I did not think anybody knew about it and so it makes me happy because nobody has stolen it. I shared this example to show that we do not need to steal things because it is not right. I am happy that most people would like to learn more about our culture but they do not have to go and steal artifacts from our people, but actually just talk to us.


Yes, I mean just education in general. For example, how most people can learn how to speak another language or go study abroad in another place. I think they should include an American Indian language class for others to learn about the people who were in the US first. It is also good for indigenous youth to learn their culture and how to speak it considering the fact most indigenous youth do not know how to speak their language or even re learn their language from loosing it.


Today was beautiful! In theater class, we did an rhythm activity. 6 people had to go in the front of the class and were given a theme that had to transform into a tone, beat, rhythm, harmony, sound, and words. It was very interesting how the 6 people came together and made this amazing sound. After theater class, we went to English class. However, we did not go to the classroom and discuss about the book, we went to a Museum that was on the campus. We saw American Indian artifacts. After that, we has Western U and had to finalize our presentations about diabetes. My group had to cover the symptoms of diabetes. Honestly, I thought we did pretty well with some of the discussion but it could have been better. For dinner, I had an amazing vegetarian dish. Lasagna, Zucchini, and some garlic bread. If I had to say my opinion about the dish, it was so far the best dish I have had here at the Pitzer program. When we were done with dinner, we had the Elders talk to us about how we liked or disliked the field tip to the museum. I heard everybody’s opinion and most of us were sad about how our ancestors artifacts were there and not at home. I felt the same way too. If I had to summarize how today was, I would say it was phenomenal. As I always end my logs, I am looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. 🙂

Ninaya’s daily log 3

Since most of us are looking for help on what college to attend, scholarships, and advice, I would recommend on taking to your college advisor or counselors at school. They can help you get started on what you need for college. Mostly they can help you with letter of recommendations since they are you counselors and they have known you for a couples years now. However, if you do not feel comfortable talking to them, you can go talk to your parents or relatives who have experienced with applying for college. I personally like to search on Common App since you can go search up what college or university you are interested in going into and can simply find about their tuition fees, deadlines, admission contact information, and scholarships. What I also really like about Common App is that they offer college essays that you can send and re-use for multiple colleges you want to apply for, as well as a free template of making a resume. There are a lot of resources you can use, whether its talking to your parents or going online and finding more about your college. It’s just how comfortable you feel on finding more information about your college.


I have a lot of people helping and supporting me with the preparation of college. I can see that they want me to follow my dreams and become a successful woman. By achieving this, they have helped me look out different colleges. I have been applying for multiple summer college programs ever since my 8th grade year. So far, I have been to a lot of college programs which gave me the opportunity to experience college classes, get to know college professors, and feel the college atmosphere. This has helped me a lot because I have learned a lot about how to revise and strengthen my college essays for the future. I am happily to say that I am glad to have parents that have guided me through my teenage years and helped me become the lady that I am today. ❤


As I said perviously, I have been applying, attending, and visiting colleges around the US. It’s been helluva experience and it make me more excited to finally graduate high school and attend college. However, so far I have been preparing for the ACT/SAT (since I have not taken it). This is my goal for Junior year, to get a selective or highly selective score. I have been going to ACT prep classes and self studied for the past couple months. I am pretty confident that I will get an acceptable score and will continue on my next goal, applying for college. 🙂


I know most people at my school are currently struggling with what college to apply for or how to strengthen their essay skills. However, I am not an expert or anything but I mostly recommend them to get help from their college advisors. It’s the best way really because our college advisor has amazing technique and advice that will for sure improve their application for college.


For today, in theater, I got to hold Rose’s bird that is named Courage. It was an interesting experience considering the fact that I never touched or held a bird in my life. Furthermore in theater class, we did a frame activity wear we had to pretend we were a picture. We could not move and the audience had to tell a story on what they were seeing. After Theater, we went to English class and did the same thing from yesterday, read the book and discuss event that happened in the book. We also did an activity where we draw a picture of someone you know and what they would have became if someone paid attention to their dreams. This idea came from the book (which I will not spoil if others have not read it). We listened to Elder Rose talk about taking a stand for justice and who American Indian women were over looked. I am a feminist and hearing this just made me want to try to do more things to help women become strong and re-word ourselves. NOt as object, but as leaders.