thank you from cuauhtli

cuauhtli would like to thank all the people who fed him good food and kept him alive. cuauhtli also really enjoyed being at all the cool work shops. cuauhtli has almost no words to put to  this program . I learn so much from all the work shop people i kinda forget names but they all meant very much tom me also i haven’t really danced anywhere but here i felt good and i feel fee here. I havnt done danza since i was nine and I felt comfortable doing it here rather than anywhere else. iM glad I did. Im probably gonna start going back to it. Im thankful for meeting Kyle. At first I thought he was a small little white dude, later I found out he is a real native! We know a lot of the same songs. I cant wait to hang out with him at school. We’re going to tear the school apart and attack the history teachers with the knowledge that I have learned here and all of my life. I have gone to different programs and I can honestly say this one was the best. One of my favorite parts about living in the dorms is this really cool mentor named Belmont. I can be expressive around him. He has shown me a different mentality and foods. Wishtoyo:

Mati is one of the greatest people I have every met. I liked relearning songs that I had forgot. Relearning them gave me power, the flow of energy from my toes to my head. Able to pour my heart out into every word that I sing and appreciate it. Wishtoyo felt like home. Its hard to explain. I felt the ground. It wasnt concrete. I woke up and heard and smelled the ocean. It was refreshing, cleansing. The fresh water stream next to everything tasted like normal water. The scenery was perfect. You could have everything you ever wanted: Mountains, ocean, kinda deserty in some parts.

Id like to thank scott for everytime he greets me he comes with this energy like hey man whatsup! He has an energy that tells me he is there. With an unconditional love for everybody around him.

I cant wait to come back next year fart around and learn more!

-Cuauhtli Out


Day 13!- Sylena

Waking up to aztec dancing with Candonache was a energizing and amazing way to start the day! I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom he has shared with us all and everything he has done for us! It has been a real honor having him as our professor (aztec math and aztec dancing) and I have no words that can express my gratitude towards him. I will be sure to tell my family about the Nepohualtzintzin and all the knowledge it has brought me.

I am also so thankful for our writing professor Shelva! She has taught me so much about writing and creativity. I will defiantly be using the essay she helped us with as a reference later in life when I go to apply to the nursing program!

Genna and Gina have been beyond amazing. I just want to recognize all the hard work and dedication they have put into making our blogging and this whole program fun by taking pictures and such!

Hearing Gayle Ann Kelley speak again about her journey through life especially throughout the movie: Spirit Game- Pride of a Nation was memorizing. She is such a beautiful, strong, dedicated woman. It was a real honor to hear her speak again and to get to know more about her life struggles. I am so thankful she was able to come back! I will take the knowledge and inspiration she has shared with us back to my family and community at home! We need more people in the world like Gayle. She really is a one of a kind person and deeply appreciate her dedicating some of our time to come talk to us not once, but twice!

Overall, this program has been amazing! I will take all that I have learned her back to my community and family, sharing every little detail about the family I have had the privilege of being a part of! I’ll miss everyone so much! Don’t forget about me!



Second last blog from Victor…

Today was truly sad, simply for the fact that we ended writing and aztec math classes today :(. I started of my morning doing danza, which reminded me of the morning ceremonies that I did growing up in Anahuacalmecac. Sooo we finished write class today along with my Common App. and I had a hard time today when writing about my Abuelita Flora’s passing , but she wouldn’t want me sad.  Finally we ended our atzec math class today and the one thing I learned today was that my people didnt sacrife other people and that it was a lie made up the Vatican and Cortez. I knew it all along.

Jason Murgo: Last day with Shelva and my homie Vicente

Today was a really fun day! I woke up really tired, I did not want to wake up at all. I knew we were going to have danza with Vicente and I didn’t want to move my legs. Something about him always motivates me to participate. We ended up doing danza for about 30 min or so. It was fun doing danza again so thank you Vicente for reminding about my culture. Then we had Shelva’s last class. It was really fun writing my essay, even though I kinda hate writing. Shelve makes it fun and she is just so nice. Sometimes she screams at us and she’s really scary, but she has to do what she has to do. She deserves all the respect possible so thank you Shelva for making me write an essay I wouldn’t of done. Then I had Vicente’s class, which is always my favorite. The Nepohualtzinzin is just so awesome to use. Im’a go back home and school to show everyone my knowledge. Today we played the board game patoli and it is really fun! Never knew our ancestors had such fun board games. I also have to keep in mind this game is sacred just like the Nepohualtzinzin. So I thank you again Vicente Candonache for showing and spreading your knowledge to this group and spending your time with us.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 6.38.29 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-23 at 6.40.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.53.42 PM.png

Violet’s second to last day.

Today was a great but sad day. Today was our last day in writing with Shelva and aztec math with Candonache which made me sad because, I really enjoyed both of the classes. I’m going to miss writing because, I got to practice for writing my college personal statement and I got to see how scholarships work and how i can get to them. Math on the other hand was really fun I thought as math is one of my favorite subjects so to learn about the nepo was really interesting and I’m glad i got to have the honor to learn it with all my friends. I also would like to give a shout out to Shelva and Candonache for taking time out of their lives to come and teach us, I really enjoyed spending time with you guys and receiving the knowledge you gave us, so Thank You. Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 6.38.14 PM.png

The second to last day-aleyah

Today was pretty set back and chill . I didn’t do the aztec dance in the morning because i was still tired from the night before. I went to breakfast and then after we had our last writing workshop and common app with Shelva . I didn’t finish my writing peace but i’m very confident in what i did do. I can say my writing has improved over the course of these two weeks. I didn’t really like it at first and know that i have been doing it a lot i kinda like it. It makes me feel like expressing my feelings is fun. hahaha. We also had our last math session of the aztec math with vesenthe and it was really smooth, i kinda got the hang of it know, if we had more time in this program, i’m pretty sure i would have mastered it. Even though i struggled a lot in it, i’m going to miss it.After dinner we had a elder come in and talk to us about that movie we watched and then told us about her career and how she wanted to correct history by telling the truth. Right know i’m feeling calm and like i want to see my family. I miss them and love them, but theres only today and tommorrow so i’m trying to make the most of it. I have made so much friendships here and it almost makes me feel like there my family too. My mentor louda , i am truly grateful for, she makes time for my huetziline and Marrissa . I love my mentor!!! Louda if you read this i am thankful for you!!! And i’m going to miss you a lot!! Thanks for putting up with me and the others!!! You are such a strong , amazing, beautiful person inside and out!!! Hopefully i run into you in hawthorne hahah. Im going to miss you, you should come back . I am.

Diego’s time coming to an end

Today we finished our last writing and Aztec math class. Both of these classes had huge impacts on me and will continue to help me in the future. Vicente Candonache is an amazing teacher, not only his teachings but also his way of teaching. He pays attention to the students and knows the best ways to get the lesson to stick. During class he has thought me so much about the Aztec calculator know as Nepohualtzintzin. Growing up I have learned the Nepo, the values and how to count. In two weeks, Vicente has taught me more advanced math such as multiplying, dividing, and finding the square root. I am excited to take this math back to my school and use it. In our last class with Shelve, we finished up our first draft for an essay we wrote for the common application. This is important to me because I am going to use this essay to apply to college. I would like to thank her for pointing me in the right direction for college. She also gave me a chance to speak in front of my peers here at the program about my experiences with scholarships. I appreciate everything she has done for us in the small time we were together.