Older Than America

One of these experiences here at Pitzer College is the movie that we saw yesterday was called “Older than America” that was a pretty intense film! Made by a young Native American named Georgina Lightning. The film touched me…. and… the boarding school they built for the Native Americans…. was horrific! I cried! It made me sad of what these Europeans did to our family members, I mean it was just… in the 1970s and that, to me, was not too long ago. I am proud to be Native Hawaiian and Native American. And I am happy to be here. This is amazing for me. I’mma sure that you’ll enjoy and experience here at Pitzer College and learn ’bout the Native American culture and experience the culture! Learn more ’bout yourself! Learn more ’bout your ancestors and what they did and have been through. Be proud of you and your culture. Be who you really are. 🙂

For more information about the movie visit the website. 😀

-Jana Lyn Chang

Older Than America movie

I was really touched with this movie and i also learned a lot about how boarding schools were back 60+ years ago. this is a great movie, i think, for history classes covering this time in america because no one has really heard of this incident. it has a considerable impact on people ,especially native american people.