Yo what’s up it’s ya gurl Huitzilin! Today I got the amazing opportunity to participate in watching the film Spirit Games with my fellow peers. My favorite part of this whole experience was the beginning of the movie just because it already put such an excitement within me and made me more eager to continue to participate and be more open minded as well as a thinker through out watching the film. I also really enjoyed how the film made it very direct to share the background history and the background knowledge of the whole sport and where it originated from. The way the film played out was just so organized and so beautifully detailed and the directors definitely  knew how to balance out the sport and the culture of the sport. I want to say thank you to the organizers of the program to arrange for us native youth to be able to be introduced to this wonderful and elaborate film.



One thought on “Spirit Games and ya gurl Huitzilin

  1. Huitzilin, I felt similarly about the flow of the film! Gayle and her team did such a great job of creating a beautiful narrative! So excited to keep reading your posts!


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