day three ny2c Zion

Third day of the ny2c program and i’m having a great time. Mayan math is always very interesting finding connection with the maya culture and mine the relations between calendars and our mathematics. I had a great time in the game design class my group invented a hybrid of tennis, the mayan ball game, and soccer. It wasn’t very easy  but we still had a good time. we also watched spirit games great movie glad to see it for a second time its a beautiful piece thank you so much.


Today was fun just sitting by the pool with the other kids soaking up the sun. I’ve seen the movie spirt game before but today for some reason the movie was better, i was thinking it was because we got a little insider and more information.

OK I am 15 now, today i learned some new mayan math and actually understood it . we learned about video game designing then me and my friends went and chilled at the hammocks while listening to music i had tons of fun after that we went to watch the movie spirit game. I watched alejan do his martial art and now i am heading to pack for wishtoyo

Thoughts on “Spirit Game” By Tyvon

Today we watched an amazing film “Spirit Game” it was a privilege to watch this movie the second time it is about the Iroquois Confederacy game, Lacrosse, which they play at an international level this movie was presented to us by Gayle, and TJ. Gayle was an executive producer of the film she is also a Native American Rights Activist always fighting to preserve the way of the Native Americans. TJ was the first Spirit Game Ambassador and is also a Lacrosse player who tried out for the team. This film was just great it showed how important this game was to the Iroquois Confederacy and how the injustices of the Vatican was involved into this movie. Besides the movie in the morning we had academic writing with our wonderful instructor, Shelva she provided help with our prompts. After that we had Mayan Math which we learned how to use an abaco this tool is basically a calculator. Overall this was another exhilarating day at the NY2C program.

The link to the movie is provided below.

Capturing the spirit in “Spirit Game” by James Fenelon

The movie “Spirit Game” captures the ancient practice of Iroquois Native Americans in what most interpret as Lacrosse. While the developing of what we know as Lacrosse is an interesting story, the movie displayed the struggle of modern day Iroquois Natives trying to be represented properly in the very practice which originated from them. Oppression among many Indigenous communities still happens today and this movie brings one of those major issues to light.

Spirit Game JOSHUA

Spirit game was a good movie because it was about a really good sport that these people really liked. I liked how they played the sport and how the sport was very important to the sport. The people were really good at the sport because the sport was a big part of their life.