Im going to leave a legacy simply because i am me. I have dreams and hopes to go far in life, but sometimes you get what you get. Even if I’m not gonna have the future i had in mind, i will always be grateful for the risks and opportunities i have took so far and that i will take in the future. Leaving a legacy is a privilege, and I’m willing to take that step, do whatever it takes to go far and soar to success!!!My legacy is gonna be icy best believe ;)When i grow i already know what I’m going to be, a criminal prosecutor. I want to  be a lawyer because I’m good at starting arguments  and winning them, being loud, being debateful and always stand up for what i believe in and i always stay my grounds. Lawyers are always successful , and thats what I’m going to be. Once you set your mind to something , you can never stop. You are unstoppable and powerful. One person i look up to in this program is my close friend who is actually in this program, Alyssa Flores. She always has a positive mindset and is involved with her culture so much. She is never afraid to speak up or embrace her culture, At such a young age , she’s president of a student council, has a job, spends her summers going to extra curricular activities and joining programs very much like this. I am honored just to be able to know her an socialize with her. Growing up her dad was always in and out of jail, her mom was never home and she was the oldest of her sisters. So with her parents never not really there , she had to step up. She was still a child herself, but had to look out for her sisters. She woke up almost all the time to make them breakfast nourish them and get them ready for school, she would make them dinner, and just be there for them when her mom or dad couldn’t. This taught her a lot about leadership . Learning all these leadership skills she decided to be useful with them and started getting more involved with her community. More and more people started to recognize her for all her actions. Too this day, she is still involved with her community and sets examples for younger kids, like me i guess you would say.


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