Blog de El Azteca Flaco Dia Dos: The Spirit Game.

Around 7:30 all of the students gathered up at the Benson Theater because we were going to watch a movie. The movie was called The Sprit Game and it was about the Iroquois tribes traditional game which is what we now know as lacrosse. This game has been a game the tribe has played for thousands of years and is a popular sport in the americas. A group of Iroquois natives started a team and they are from new York and they all come from indigenous communities and reservations where they grew up playing lacrosse. The main goal of the team was to reclaim their own sport and show the world that they represent the game and all their ancestors who played this game before they. One of the most Controversial parts of the film was when the pope came to the United Sates and he eventually came to new York where he and other cultural leaders were going to met up and the chief if the Iroquois nation was suppose to stand amongst the leaders of these world religions and represent the Iroquois nation. He was going to speak about a document the pope has called the Doctrine of Discovery where it talks about how the pilgrims came to this land seeking religious refuge and religious freedom, but it never mentions the atrocities committed against not just indigenous peoples of that region, but they speak for all natives who have had these atrocities committed against them for the sake of their religion. Catholicism and christianity have all had a negative impact on Existing native peoples, cultures and religion and the introduction of these foreign religions has lead to the near extermination of indigenous peoples, cultures and religions and that is why the chief of the Iroquois nation and the people are trying to convince him to destroy the document because of its historical inaccuracy and its wrong ideas. The chief wasn’t allowed to stand amongst the cultural and religious leaders for the stupid fact that he had antlers on his traditional hat and they say that as a threat so they confiscated his has and it was dehumanizing because of the fact that they are taking away one part of your identity and its wrong because you wouldn’t take the popes hat away so that was wrong.


blog de El Azteca Flaco: Dia Uno

I feel like the highlight of my day was the theater activities we did earlier.  The first activity we did was pretend like we are passing around a cat, fish and a match. the students and staff are suppose to act it out and pretend like they are carrying the item depending on what everyone says it is. Everybody was being very creative with their gestures and that only added to the realistic feel and atmosphere of the whole activity. We also met a woman who had a small icebreaker where we all share who “our rock” is meaning a supportive figure or role model in your life and a lot of people share information about their tribe and tribal affiliations and to me its personally interesting getting to know everyone and who they come from. and one last thing, food was another favorite part of today. the food is good.