day 13 zion

today was kind of sad walking out of the computer lab for the last time i was the last person out of the room me and Belmont went to lunch after. the last math class was good tata Vicente told us a creation it was great i will try to remember it. we had lunch it was pretty good better than yesterday. the class with gena the producer was gret she was very open with us and i appreciate it


for the last time.. It’s ya gurl Huitzilin!!

    Mmmmmmm so many thank you’s to say and recognitions. I first want to start with my second year experience here at the program, I had so much fun being away from home I definitely felt very independent while being here. Whoever accepted these students you made such a good choice the students here are so damn cool and free spirited they will always be running through my thoughts like little perritos.  Next I want to thank the beautiful luscious mentors for always laughing at my fuchi yokes and for being so damn awesome and so relaxed especially with me and that also includes Ana, Jenna. Elizabeth. other Elizabeth. Then I want to thank my dude Scott for always checking in with me and having such great trust and hope in me, I also want to thank you for helping to organize such a beautiful program for native yoth and creating that safe space for us to share and be open about our identities and pushing us to be proud of who we are.

  Now for the awesome teachers who came out to take part in this program!. Vicente you  are so amazing and so well educated about everything really I definitely look up to you as my maestro and always will. There were so many good lectures here at the program and the professors and visitors really made sure to make that connection with each and everyone of us and I really appreciate that.

Ansels second to last blog

Todays been pretty weird for me, I woke up in a bad mood feeling pretty grumpy. That negative energy has been following for the most part of the day. Since dinner I have been feeling a lot happier and not grouchy. My favorite part of the day was hearing Tata Vicente speak about my peoples philosophies and breaking down the different images of our creators. I also found that the stories Gayle shared with us were influential especially when there are different indigenous youth that want to pursue careers in media studies. The fact that we have our people trying to tell our stories rather then the white people telling our stories like they have been is one of the most powerful things that is uprising.

Last time as a Pitzer student- Kat



Vincente, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. For sharing your knowledge and stories. Danza was absolutely amazing, it was a good reminder of the traditional dancing I do at home. I know those teachings are very sacred and I thank you for trusting us with that information. The Nepohualtzintzin is the universe and I look forward to learning more about this historical way of doing math. Your wisdom fills the room, thank you my peaceful elder.

Julia, you are beautiful and you’re a star in my life. You shine so bright for an elder and I respect you so much. Elders like you are truly role models to every youth that they meet and I know you will continue to guide young native people. I’m so grateful for the times i got to be with you from my first year to my last year at Pitzer. From the bracelets to the soap stones to the motivation and to the lessons– I’m glad I got to spend one of your birthdays with you. I am truly grateful that I got a chance to sing for you and I hope to see you again.

Josie, your voice is absolutely amazing. You empower me and really showed me how to project my voice, especially for prayer. Traditional songs can be difficult to share but it was a blessing to receive the songs that you shared. I love how you started an all woman singing group and people like you really push me to want to be a stronger person when I’m older. Thank you.

Gayle, your documentary is beautiful. I could tell that you worked very hard to finish it and that you faced a lot of obstacles that plague you and still to this day. Like everyone else you are someone I look up and you’re another native woman that I can use to motivate me throughout my life.

Katherine, I wish you the best on your memoir. I love your name and I loved the way that you taught us. I’m excited to use these different writing techniques throughout my life and I will really take into account that you are a colored person that fought hard for what you believe in and I strive to be like that some day.

Joshua, thank you for the songs and teachings it’s very important for our youth to hear the truth especially coming from another native person so thank you again.

Shelva, you have played a huge role in who I have become as a writer. I want to thank you for everything that you have done. My confidence has been really built up because of you and especially this past time I was here. You’re a beautiful human being and I great professor and I hope I find teachers like you throughout my educational career. I love you, Shelva!



Thank you,

Katherine Jefferson (Kat)


Second to last day :(

I feel bad that there is only two days left in this program, i wish i had more time to get to know everyone better in this program but i’m really happy and thankful for the time i did have and the amazing people i met in this program. I like coming to these programs because i can become friends and bond with people in a way that i cant bond with people at school. with that i want to say that i can’t express enough gratitude or appreciation to all the mentors and most of all the students i met here in the program. Y’all some amazing people and it was very cool learning more about your cultures and your identities as natives and yea, thanks a lot. I appreciate y’all so much even if your somebody i haven’t said much although it doesn’t look like it but y’all make my day. thank you.


Christine’s – Love to my Professors

To my professors… These past two weeks have been absolutely amazing especially having your classes. Vicente Candonache… I have always known about the nepohuantzintzin but the way you introduced to me really shocked me and I enjoyed every second of your class. In the beginning I didn’t think you could do so much with the nepo but now I know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply and even do square roots because of the knowledge you brought to us in these past 2 weeks. I enjoyed all your stories and games you brought to us and I cant wait to be able to take the knowledge you shared with us and even share it with my school. I also would like to tell you how much I appreciate that you brought danza into our classes because Ienjoy doing danza, i have done it since 6th grade and doing it today brought me so much joy. Today was my last day sitting in those hard plastic chairs in that cold room but I will miss that room for it was always brightened up by the faces of everyone enjoying your class so much. So with this all I can say is thank you.

Shelva Paulse… I have to say I was rather scared of even the thought of college in the beginning of the pitzer program even at the end of my junior year. I had so much fear in my personal statement and even had no clue what I would write about. Well now… with the help of you i can say I cant wait to go to college and i cant wait to begin the process of it. Shelva thank you for all you have taught me and for helping me begin this process of heading towards college. I will never forget any of you 

Peace and love Christine 

thank you from cuauhtli

cuauhtli would like to thank all the people who fed him good food and kept him alive. cuauhtli also really enjoyed being at all the cool work shops. cuauhtli has almost no words to put to  this program . I learn so much from all the work shop people i kinda forget names but they all meant very much tom me also i haven’t really danced anywhere but here i felt good and i feel fee here. I havnt done danza since i was nine and I felt comfortable doing it here rather than anywhere else. iM glad I did. Im probably gonna start going back to it. Im thankful for meeting Kyle. At first I thought he was a small little white dude, later I found out he is a real native! We know a lot of the same songs. I cant wait to hang out with him at school. We’re going to tear the school apart and attack the history teachers with the knowledge that I have learned here and all of my life. I have gone to different programs and I can honestly say this one was the best. One of my favorite parts about living in the dorms is this really cool mentor named Belmont. I can be expressive around him. He has shown me a different mentality and foods. Wishtoyo:

Mati is one of the greatest people I have every met. I liked relearning songs that I had forgot. Relearning them gave me power, the flow of energy from my toes to my head. Able to pour my heart out into every word that I sing and appreciate it. Wishtoyo felt like home. Its hard to explain. I felt the ground. It wasnt concrete. I woke up and heard and smelled the ocean. It was refreshing, cleansing. The fresh water stream next to everything tasted like normal water. The scenery was perfect. You could have everything you ever wanted: Mountains, ocean, kinda deserty in some parts.

Id like to thank scott for everytime he greets me he comes with this energy like hey man whatsup! He has an energy that tells me he is there. With an unconditional love for everybody around him.

I cant wait to come back next year fart around and learn more!

-Cuauhtli Out