Ta’Kaiya’s blog: The Baby Wars

I must admit, despite my own inner turmoil as a religious morning person who mustered many a grumble for Hectors 6:00 indigenous games, today I felt a bit naked without our routine round of good ol’ Makahiki games. I mean, okay, I may not miss you 6:00am. But this morning certainly felt blasphemous and off (a feeling I could process thank’s to a full nights sleep) without Hector.

Today we had a really thought provoking exercise collaging recent newspaper headlines into future events we would either expect or prefer to see the media highlighting as updates on the indigenous struggle. It was a very personal and curious activity that revealed the students relationship with being indigenous and what we think future generations relationship with being indigenous would be. Each poster had its own interesting and specific limitations that revealed so much depth and begged the question how big do we dream. How big can we dream? What I appreciated as a  centralizing theme to everyone’s expected/desired objective for the state of recognized indigenous rights and identity that we depend on for cultural survival was the idea that oppression would still exist. However, we would unify our voices and the new systems that we are changing for our people would have to pay attention.

Then we talked about building global community which was amazing.


Thank you piitzer🙂



One of the worst days of my life

I wanted to thank Scott and all of the mentors for such a great experience in Pitzer. Also I have learned a lot form them and they have made me reboot my view on the world and see the world in different perspectives and even changed the way how I look at myself and the things I need to improve about myself. I also wanted to thank Mati and Lahui for inviting the group and I to Wishtoyo and teaching us such great values and making us wiser and bringing us a step closer to being great elders in the future. I hope to visit Wishtoyo very soon. Oh how can I forget my favorite mentor Edgar. Edgar was such a great help academically, mentally and emotionally. He has opened my eyes to such a different perspective about different variety of things all over the world. Thank you so much Edgar for everything and I hope to keep in touch with you. Thank everyone for making this trip such a great experience and I will miss everyone very dearly.😥

Sadie-Thirteenth Day

So my expectation of this trip was way different than the actual reality of what happened. I think I wasn’t expecting to make as many friendships and close relationships with the mentors. I think I was expecting this to be more education based, and I wasn’t expecting to truly enjoy myself this much. I learned more than just what was taught in the classrooms and from the teachers and mentors. I learned a lot about myself, and a lot about the person I want to strive to be. I learned how to be closer to people and I learned new perspectives. I learned so much that I can’t even explain. I’d like to thank everyone that gave me this opportunity.

But anyways, today was decent. I liked all the free time cause I got to hang out alone and think and listen to music. And then at the end of the day when we did the bird dancing with Kim Marcus, I met Audrey and Gemma and they were so cute. They danced with me and it improved my mood so much. Those were the high points of my day. And that’s basically it. So yeah, I hope to come back next year.

Sabrina Starr out!!!

Well it was my first and last year attending the program which was an amazing experience for me. I did things I never ever did before and am thankful for that. I really did enjoy my time here and meeting new and awesome people. I really did have the chance of a life time and probably the only one to experience that from my tribe. Which makes me feel like I really made something for myself. Everything I did here was pretty amazing and makes me sad that it’s my last year and that’ll be the last time I see these people ever. But I hope I meet some of these people again in the future. Also my birthday here was not to shabby because I got surprised cheese enchiladas which my mom makes for me on birthday every year. So when I got them I started crying because I missed home. It’s such a bitter sweet moment because I don’t want to leave but I do want to go home. I’ll cherish these memories forever and ever. Until next time. Peace out

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These past two weeks have been so emotional for me and I’ve never been more closer to the people around me. ‘Tis my last year, children. I am but old and crippled and it has been so memorable for me. I will never forget these past three years because they make me who I am today and who I will be in the future. I want to thank all the people that I’ve stepped on to get to the top because yes, everyone worships me here. PEACHES FOR LIFEEEEEEEE. Peace out. MUAAAH.

Mellow Stellar Jade

hey grrrrrl its me jade hows it going well today is the LAST day here at Pitzer and I’m kind of sad but kind of happy to be honest because I miss home but at the same time Im gonna miss my peers and the mentors and most importantly sort of being on my own. But overall I had such an amazing time and I’m so thankful that I was able to participate and being able to go to such beautiful and sacred places that was really AWESOME man. But I’m just very thankful that I was chosen/accepted to this program and that I was able to participate and I know for sure that I will be able to take something from this experience. And being able to interact with other kids that were from different cultures was really cool and also being able to communicate with kids that weren’t in the program was even more cool like HOLOGRAPHIC POTATOES MAN. But overall it was soooooooooo much fun and exciting and I had such a great time and I really enjoyed myself and I hope that I get to participate next summer so THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE DUDES.

SALAD DAYS ARENT OVER. 28662451522_88bf5ebb8f_z