Tribal enrollment criteria are set forth in tribal constitutions, articles of incorporation or ordinances. The criterion varies from tribe to tribe, so uniform membership requirements do not exist. Two common requirements for membership are lineal descendent from someone named on the tribe’s Dawes Rolls or relationship to a tribal member who descended from someone named on the Rolls. Other conditions such as tribal blood quantum, tribal residency, or continued contact with the tribe are common.

Applying for Enrollment

After you have determined the tribe with which your ancestor was affiliated and documented your ancestry (through birth certificates showing relation to family member you believe is enrolled), you are ready to contact the tribe directly to obtain their criteria for membership.

•Navajo Nation Tribal Registration

Contact: Navajo Office of Vital Records P.O. Box 9000 Window Rock, AZ 86515 Telephone:928-871-6386 or 928-729-4020

•Ute Tribal Registration

Ute Indian Tribe P.O. Box 190 Fort Duchesne, UT 84026 Tele: (435) 722-5141

•Navajo Nation Tribal Members For Navajo Nation Tribal Registration and CIB, Contact your Agency Office of Vital Records:

Contact: Alamo Office of Vital Records PO Box 1250 Magdalena, NM 87825 (575) 854-2613

•Goshute Indian Tribe

Contact: Confederate Tribes of Goshute Reservations P.O. Box 6104 Ibapah, Utah 84034 Amos Murphy, “Acting” Chairman Phone: (435) 234-1138 FAX: (435) 234-1162

•Paiute Indian Tribe

Contact: 440 North Paiute Dr. Cedar City, Utah 84720 Jeanine Borchardt (Chairperson) Phone: (435) 586-1112 FAX: (435) 586-0896

•San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe

Contact: P.O. Box 2710 Tuba City, Arizona 86045 Evelyn James (President) Phone: (928) 283-5539 FAX: (928) 283-5531

•Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation

Contact: 707 North Main Street Brigham City, Utah 84302 Gwen Davis (Chairwoman) Phone: (435) 734-2286 FAX: (435) 734-0424

•Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians

Contact: P.O. Box 448 Grantsville, Utah 84029 Lori Bear Skiby, Chairman Phone: (435) 882-4872 Fax: (435) 882-4889

•Ute Indian Tribe

Contact: P.O. Box 190 Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026-0190 Richard Jenks Jr., Chairman Phone: (435) 722-5141 FAX: (435) 722-2374

•Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Contact: P.O. Box JJ Towaoc, CO 81334 Gary Hayes, Sr. Chairman Phone: (970) 564-5602 FAX: (970) 564-5709

•White Mesa Administration

Contact: P.O. Box 7096 White Mesa, Utah 84511 Elaine Atcitty, Council Member Phone: (435) 678-3397 FAX: (435) 678-3735

•Navajo Nation

Contact: P.O. Box 9000 HWY 264, Tribal Hills Dr. Window Rock, Arizona 86515-9000 Ben Shelly, President Phone: (928) 871-6352 FAX: (928) 871-4025



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