It’s Day 3 here at the Pitzer Pipeline to College program. Thus far, I am greatly impressed at how much fun this is, and how much there is to do on campus. I’m becoming friends with everyone here in the program, including the mentors, I feel like I made a real connection with the mentor that I was driving with on the way to Agua Caliente, which was really funny and cool. From now on I’m driving with Rebecca because I know that I have someone to play car games and tell random stories with. Agua Caliente itself was alright, too much talking for me honestly. I had fun working on the Video Game group project, I didn’t win, but c’est la vie.


One thought on “First Blog

  1. hahaha I saw what you wrote and there was no picture, but I knew it was you because you spoke french in the end. I clicked on this comment and I saw your picture. I’m RIGHT!!!!

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