The 3 days at Wishtoyo! -Ben

The four days/three nights, that’s how long we have been having fun! The first day was great, they welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. As always the food was really great, the homemade meals made me not feel homesick. The 2nd day was AMAZING! I’ve never been to the Limuw Island before and it was so beautiful! The boat ride was an amazing experience. I saw animals that I wont see in Arizona. At the island I went snorkeling and kayaking. I had never done those two things and it was so much fun!  29542000398_7d34fd8524_z

The 3rd day we shuck Abalone. The experience was fun, it felt weird but it was satisfying. Although we didn’t eat any, I had soo much fun!42510234965_0b9bd63c48_z

Just like every year Wishtoyo was so amazing! I can’t wait to come back next year to see it again!

R.I.P Sho Shoi


Benjamin’s first time at Wishtoyo

1st day

My very first day at Wishtoyo was very awesome! The people there greeted us, as we came in, with songs and hugs. I felt very welcomed to be there. The view of everything was very beautiful. We all went to the beach after 2 hours of settling into our tents. The beach was nice, the water felt good to my feet and legs. A hour went by and we all came back to camp all wet. We celebrated Auntie Julia’s birthday, it was nice. I saw some new faces but didn’t get to talk to them. As we ate dinner, we listened to Kat’s amazing song. Her song/voice gave everyone chills. After all of this my friends and I took a group picture, it came out really nice. I made some new memories thereat Wishtoyo.


2nd and 3rd day

The two days combined was very fun, we basically did the same thing. Woke up at 7:30 for the morning ceremony, ate Nana’s delicious food, and did the best activities. We went to the beach and surfed, it was the best time. I had so much fun at Wishtoyo, can’t wait to go there next year again!!35222657403_e6e879614b_z

Kyle’s Wishtoyo Experience


It all started when I arrived at Wishtoyo. The welcoming was Mati and Luhui singing a welcoming song. I felt like I was at home when I first got there. The chumash village had such good energy. On the first day after we arrived we had gone done to the beach to soak our feet. Then we were served this amazing dinner by nana. The food was delicious because nana had put so much love in it. Then came the second day. We started by having breakfast and then going down to the beach to go boogy boarding. We were also able to go surfing. Even though it was hard the first couple of times i was able to pick it up pretty fast. Then we came back to the village for lunch and then we participated in activities like making necklaces and learning sacred geometry. Towards the end of the night we began to prepare for a sweat. then came the time for the sweat. I was prepared for it but I still knew it would be tough. I was able to last for 2 out of 3 rounds. In all together Wishtoyo was awesome and great



The Little Things in Life

It was wonderful to be back at Wishtoyo once again. Before the arrival of Europeans, my People (the Mexica) traded and connected with the Chumash People. Each time I step onto Wishtoyo I feel as if once again the threads connecting our Peoples are being mended. The land is so beautiful, and it’s an amazing feeling to know at least this part of the land, the village, is being taken care by its People. As the land does not belong to the People rather the People belong to the land. 

I enjoyed seeing all the students from the program show a different side to themselves that was free, open, and curious. Being at Wishtoyo does something special to you, especially when you are indigenous. For me I feel more connected to the ancestors and nature. I feel as if time has stopped, and I can focus on the small things in life like laughing, loving, and learning. It was incredible to see and hear that each student enjoyed what little time we spent at Wishtoyo. Despite only being at Wishtoyo for about a day and a half, as a group we were able to share songs, dances, and stories under the night sky and by the fire. I was humbled to be able to share a dance from my People’s culture with everyone there. However, I have to admit that one of my favorite things about Wishtoyo are the three German Shepherds which truly help make Wishtoyo feel like a home away from home. Mati, Luhui, and everyone else at Wishtoyo make all who visit feel as if they are apart of a greater family. What a magnificent time at Wishtoyo, I can’t wait for next time.   

Sixth Day for Maya

Being away from home is different, and the main thing I miss is the flexibility of designing my day. It’s difficult to feel sick or exhausted and not be able to rest when you want, and also I’ve thought of something I want to paint but I have no canvas. The greatest thing is being able to have friends you can hang out with a lot and joke around with. I don’t have to worry about being bored like I usually am in the summer, and I have funny friends and great cultural experiences.

Today we had pancakes for breakfast which was my favorite, and then went to theater. Rose assigned us my favorite activity so far- playing with our names. Maya Winnick. If my name was a sound, it’d be raindrops, or horseshoes click-clacking on concrete, or high heels on wood floors. If it was an object it would be pebbles or a potted cactus. Perhaps tap shoes that have been sitting in a closet for years. If it was a taste it would be peppery.

I typed my essay today in Common Apps. It’s my favorite class, and Shelva is very kind and helpful. I can’t get over the fact that on my first day I was dreading it and now I give 100% effort. I’d like to go to Pitzer or Scripps but they’re extremely selective. If I could take one road trip with my dad it would be to check out Lewis & Clark’s campus, and spend some time in Oregon. The weather is optimal too. (hinthint).

We took a trip up to Mt. Baldy today, too. It was really nice out there. I love getting some fresh air and moving my legs, but after the bird dance, my calves were killing me! And of course I got to spend time with my BOMB bff Miahuatl so any day with that hilarious girl is the best.

Mentor goals.

Surfing and dancing and Science

It was nice that we were able experience and participate in the dance, the trip to western university was also amazing, I learned much about the research that graduate students do, along with the requirements that it takes to become a doctor. How important it is to do good in school to be able to accomplish these things. Also I never realized how cool Myan math is and how complex it is. I wonder what my math teacher would think if I used that on a no calculator test??  We also watched a movie that explained how important surfing was to the Hawaiian people, which is nice to know that their traditions are very important to them.

And the day begins!

Yesterday was the first day at camp, it was such a fun filled day with so many great speakers. We began our day at 7:30 a.m. and all had breakfast together. We then after began to blog which was many of our first time. The biggest event that had occurred was going to Western University, the experience for me was greater than words. Just to be on a college campus full of students who want to be apart of the medical field was a great sight. There were six guest speakers that spoke to us yesterday, they all brought something different to the table. The first guest speaker talked about diabetes and how it plays a role on our community. The second guest speaker were two ladies who talked about our health and what type of foods we should be eating; they showed us multiple ways to exercise without having to go outside. The third guest speaker was probably my absolute favorite, because it was more of a personal experience and he gave us his point of view on diabetes. He was first diagnosed with diabetes when he was seven, its crazy to know that he had diabetes for over 30 years now, that shows strength and courage to me. The last speaker was also one of my favorites, she was a young doctor who gave us her personal story about how she came about choosing to be a doctor and her life growing up. She gave us tips on how to pick our right career and exactly the steps it took to get as far as she did. At the end of the lecture she asked us questions that she wanted us to answer to help her out with the class she teaches. So here’s my feedback to her: Some good experiences I had with a doctor was when my Dad would visit his doctor she would constantly be on him about his health. She built a friendship with both me and him and constantly made him feel at his best. When my father passed away,she was so close to him that she felt a part of her leave, so after I gave her flowers to thank her for all she had done. A bad experience would be my doctor, he doesn’t bother to explain that symptom i may have bothering me at the time, that when I go home I have to do my own person research about it. I would love to have a friendship type of relationship because i believe it makes it easier for the patient to open up. Overall yesterday was a good day and something I won’t forget.

Western University

1. Big words… Let’s see… I dunno, really? I’m not interested in the medical feild but… All I know of is that it’s very importent to take care of and saving other lives.

2. They should underswtand of the dealings and situations Native Americans and Native Hawaiians are going through. Like… Help the sick and the wounded.

3. They should ask us of what’s going on with other Natives and why is this happening to them.

4. I had a good experience at Western U. I have learned that animators, also, used anatomy and have studied anatomy and use this study for their characters and how it functions them. I really LOVED that class. xDD I wanna study and animate my characters. 😛