Yesterday (8/2) was quite an adventure. We were able to go to Universal Studios with VIP passes.  So we got to talk with NBC Execs, and it was pretty cool, to say the very least.

Well we’ve only got about 2 more days left here at the Pitzer Pipeline.  I’ve been having nothing but fun here.  Okay I lied about that, there’s a lot of serious stuff going on, with all of these people reaching out to us, just to tell us how important we are to the future.  I’m definitely taking everything being said to me to heart, and I can’t wait to go home, so that I can start to live while keeping these important principles in mind.  At this point there’s just been so much that’s happened, I can’t begin to start to try and describe it.


One thought on “Universal Studios

  1. Dr. Kapele… I can’t wait to see who you are going to be and I know that this experience is going to make you such an awesome person and I am grateful to meet you now before you change the world.

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