Hopefully I’ll get to return back to the most positive memories EVER!
It’s going to be the best summer GUARENTEED!
Summer Checklist:
1) Summer school….I messed up but thats okay cause I’m making it up…
2) Got a job( Yeay twirling signs is funn)
3) Joined Colorguard (Whoop Whoop taking intense band for my free class)
4) Planned pool summer patries at the new house I’m moving to…(change is good)
5) Possible 2weeks of outrageous amazment at Pitzer(food included)
6) Take a train to Ventura and spend quality time with my favorite Grandmother (Mary Larson) and visit the Catalina Islands and pretend that we’re in Hawaii, reality is soo overrated.
Summer is HERE!!! So lets rock this out Pitzer Family <33
Cannot wait to see all of you guys again, with hopes held high and memories flowing back while making room for more adventures:
"Live life to the FULLEST"

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