The Final Countdown:

It can’t be over yet….we just started.I guess thats how the game is played, just when we begin to now each other like brothers and sisters we split up after two weeks but that is OKAY because I will now stalk all of you guys and keep in contact!


I see Dead PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had an opportunity to learn about the human body and how it works, the names of the muscles and different movements of the bones. I learned what a heart looks like and that it is important to take care of it because the heart never stops or takes a break, its an involuntary organ that pumps blood all over the body continuously.


Our last few days together, can you believe it…. It seems like yesterday we just started unpacking but the truth is we ROCKED OUT yesterday at the pool PARTY and learned so much with Paul and The Grand Oak Tree, which was nothing that I had expected at all, it actually reminded me that in the midst of all the corrupted government and violence in today’s society there can be peace and we can stand firmly and be grow strong with others, and The Oak Tree reminds me how we can stand together as one and support each other. Also Adelina Cadilla shared her story with us this morning and i thank her for it, She is an amazing women and I respect her.

Tree Squirrel

Tree Squirrel

I get my wish to be a squirrel after all Christa.
For the ones who don’t know a few days ago I saw a squirrel leap from a wall to a tree with such confidence. It went RAWR and latched on to the tree. So I told Christa and she went Rwrrrrra, so I now that one day I’ll be a squirrel which happens to be that day. Lolz.