The Final Countdown:

It can’t be over yet….we just started.I guess thats how the game is played, just when we begin to now each other like brothers and sisters we split up after two weeks but that is OKAY because I will now stalk all of you guys and keep in contact!




Our last few days together, can you believe it…. It seems like yesterday we just started unpacking but the truth is we ROCKED OUT yesterday at the pool PARTY and learned so much with Paul and The Grand Oak Tree, which was nothing that I had expected at all, it actually reminded me that in the midst of all the corrupted government and violence in today’s society there can be peace and we can stand firmly and be grow strong with others, and The Oak Tree reminds me how we can stand together as one and support each other. Also Adelina Cadilla shared her story with us this morning and i thank her for it, She is an amazing women and I respect her.

Tree Squirrel

Tree Squirrel

I get my wish to be a squirrel after all Christa.
For the ones who don’t know a few days ago I saw a squirrel leap from a wall to a tree with such confidence. It went RAWR and latched on to the tree. So I told Christa and she went Rwrrrrra, so I now that one day I’ll be a squirrel which happens to be that day. Lolz.


I cannot believe that one week has pasted.

So far we (as Ohana Pitzer) Explored the space frontier at NASA and experienced the Mars Rover Landing (Btw it was my sis’s B-day yesterday so thats cool) so thank you guys for singing to her, after singing hours of karaoke.

So during reflections I was asked why I was here…Honestly you guys pulled me up with you, and I’m thankful for it.

Small Town, Big Problems

My community is not the best one in the whole world but that not mean that I am not allowed to contribute to my community and make a difference. As of now our park is under construction and they’re constructing a preschool, library, and a skate park. When they are done construction the buildings I plan to help create clubs and other activities within the library, for example Cup of Happy, I’ve already informed the advisers of this program. Cup of Happy is a program in which older teens help the younger crowed , treating each other like a brother sister relationship, and having mentors guide troubled teens and kids, also there is therapy sessions. I believe by introducing this program into my current community would help the younger crowed to see what is wrong and what is right, to lead others in my community onto the right path and maintain a healthy neighborhood for our future to grow and be strong.

**Happy Tuesday**

So, yesterday the Native students visited Western University, which was FUN. I believe that a patient and a doctor should have just that, a doctor and patient relationship because imagine yourself as a doctor and you have a patient that you became close with close enough to be as though they were part of your family but say then this patient got extremely ill or got involved in a terrible car accident and you could not do and thing to cure them or save them would you have the strength to pronounce them dead? The cultural information that doctors should know is like the history like if heart disease runs in the family or something. Also me and Christa were like the only ones wearing high heals, that was fun ALSo. There were wonderful speakers and I personally thought that Janna was brilliant when she recognized the deer on ice scene was from the movie Bambi. It was like we shared the same thought but I didn’t speak up but Janna did.

Anyways today is a new day and as a student I know I’m ready to take on the day are YOU?