1) Q.Whats the ideal physician patient relationship?
A.The perfect relationship is when they can connect and listen to you and your problems. they try to get on the friendship level instead of just some doctor.

2) Q.What parts of culture should they know about patients?
A.They should know your native side and your history, where you are coming from.
3)Q. What question should they have terms of the people?
A.They should ask personal questions about history
4)Q. Any good or bad experiences have you had in the medical field?or people you know?
A. Back home where i live, in Coachella, the JFK hospital is known to take forever when there are sick patients their and people are in life threatening situations and the hospital is just not organized and they take forever. My great aunt was treated their and i just hated the service, and they were very rude. We then moved her to the Eisenhower hospital which they had exactly what she needed. I really appreciate them.

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