Personal assets that I listed were: trilingual (English, Navajo, and Latin), dedication, friendliness, leadership, and wide range of interests. Assets that I listed for my family and community were: strong, committed, open (to new ideas and people), responsibility, and supportive. My community and I can contribute to other communities using these assets in many ways. One way we could contribute is by being friendly to other people who are struggling and open ourselves to new people, new situations, and new ideas. Another way we could contribute is be strong and committed to support others and feel better around each other and around new people. The final way we can contribute is through communication; we can communicate with each other to help understand one another and make changes if we need to. One thing that I do as a Student Senator at my school is volunteer work and community service work. We either pick up trash in our school district, have a food drive, or go to the Ronald McDonald House and Soup Kitchen to feed the homeless. Doing these activites make me feel good because it makes me feel needed or important to others, and without me, they would have starved another day, but instead, they got to eat a wonderful meal.

2 thoughts on “Alysha’s Positive Assets

  1. It’s awesome that you are Trilingual!

    I also love how selfless and empathetic you are with your volunteer work!

  2. Preach it girl! lol.. I think the pipeline is perfect to practice your assets. For example, like when you said being kind to one another, and opening yourself up. Perhaps you can perform those actions with other students in the program you may have not spoken with yet. On another note, you are great Alysha! I cannot wait to see what you will be doing in the future 🙂

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