These past days have been great. It started on saturday when we clean the garden with  barbra drake. I got a cut on my arm but it was still fun. We came back to pitzer to watch red cloud and CRYSTLE LIGHTNING(: .Sunday we walked to the farmers market and i had the bombest smoothie ever! we also learned some cultural songs with josie and did some hawaiian dancing with keoni & jen. We watched the alcatrez movie and i learned that it was more than just an island. Monday we went to the State Historic Park and i learned about all the sages that our out there. That the land was very sacred and all the indigenous plants. We had a bomb fire and bonded great with Olivia & Cindi. The pipeline has been great and i learned so much that i’ve been here. I’ve met so many people and i don’t want to go home. I learned to live without t.v. & games and i adapted to just talking and meeting new people. I also liked the salsa dancing and yoga class with Daria. 

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