Yesterday was awesome!! We went to Pechanga and we were invitied to go see their sacred oak. At first I thought it was just a tall tree like the sequia ones. Til we walked into the tree and BOOM!!! The branches were formed together and than we learned that the branches were also supporting the tree. The tree bottom part was under ten feet of sand and was extended by three more feet. So in total the tree was 94 feet tall give or take a foot or two. Than after we went to building 3 and saw a arrowhead o.0 that was 10,000 years old!

Than after we went to D. Rega house and i helped her prepare the food which was something i found to be the best part of the day!!! I love her knivies because they were so sharp!!

This morning we met an padiliaa and it was amazing hearing her story!! Even though she went through all that drama she still found peace! Wow is the most powerful thing and human thing to do. Finding inner peace is something that has to be earned, that is what i learned


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