The end is just the start of something new…..

It was sad at first to see everyone leave…. I didn’t think that it would’ve ended this fast! Now I understand what Fabian said about cherishing the moment…. The saddest thing is that we all learned at the last moment how to cherish… We all learn and knowing is something that we all have to better understand… Because without knowing there is no life for the future generations…. I mean not literally… hahaha not that evil! Well I didn’t know how to say bye… Honest this is not good bye, its more like a see you later. Which we all know that we will, if you really understand that the bond that we created will never break. We are all connected as one family, even though we are hours, miles, or even states away, we now are one. If Alysha reads this, just know that we all love you! I wanted to say bye to you not good bye but just bye. =D To be honest I was going to come to this Program,        I just wanted to stay home, but something told me to go. Now i don’t regret anything at all! Jane I know that at Sherman we didn’t talk that much, but when we came here that changed. Its weird that you see people from day to day and we don’t know that they could be your best friend. We automatically start judging people, but being here made me see people for the people that they are, real. Me making the medicine pouch for Cam was something that wasn’t easy, because of my phobia of sharp objects. I was so happy when I completed it! That was something I never thought I could’ve done! ever! This experience here was amazing! Thank you all for accepting me for who I am!


Shane Allen John

P.S “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world” remember when you think that you are unlucky. Take a look at the people around and remember you are lucky to have them in our life…….

Our last day……

=/ Today is the saddest day! We already lost Mia…… I don’t want this to be over! I know that I shouldn’t be sad and that everything has an end except the creator. So that is why we should enjoy the time we all have left…. This is something that I thought I wouldn’t being saying but I feel connected to this place; the people, plants, earth, and the breeze….. The people I met made me laugh. And in just a few hours we will have graduated!! Wow…. This is the end… Hahaha luckily we all live in the same area hahaha well kinda… I am going to be going to school in Riverside!! Hahaha and no I am not going to be Jerred roomate. If i was than i would end up in jail because i would make him shut up…

An Elder and Bodies

Yesterday started off cool, we met and elder and she told us storys of her life as i have said in my recent blog. Shortly after that blog we left to go to Western which was the point in which we see bodies. I was in deep consideration of not going into it as, but before i went to i talked to my mum and told her about the situation. She said that i could but i couldn’t mourn the dead and if i did they would come back.

At first it was hard not to mourn, til I heard that they did it to help mankind better. So as first i felt light, dizzy…. so as the doctor pulled the cover off my eyes just opened up like an owl…

The best time was when i was given a shell, medicine bag, and a necklace… that was the thing that hit me the hardest… it was so so so so powerful…….


Yesterday was awesome!! We went to Pechanga and we were invitied to go see their sacred oak. At first I thought it was just a tall tree like the sequia ones. Til we walked into the tree and BOOM!!! The branches were formed together and than we learned that the branches were also supporting the tree. The tree bottom part was under ten feet of sand and was extended by three more feet. So in total the tree was 94 feet tall give or take a foot or two. Than after we went to building 3 and saw a arrowhead o.0 that was 10,000 years old!

Than after we went to D. Rega house and i helped her prepare the food which was something i found to be the best part of the day!!! I love her knivies because they were so sharp!!

This morning we met an padiliaa and it was amazing hearing her story!! Even though she went through all that drama she still found peace! Wow is the most powerful thing and human thing to do. Finding inner peace is something that has to be earned, that is what i learned


LA park

Yesterday it was peaceful day. We all went to a park and had to learn about the native plants, and after we all went in the dirt and sat in a circle. They funnt thing about it was as we were sitting in the circle trucks, people, and trains went on by. I wonder what they were thinking…. have any thoughts?? Hahahaha the other thing about it was at first we all hated the way the park looked like, than after awhile we all liked it. Never judge a book by its cover..

From then til now.

Well for the past few days we all learned about Diabetes, the native plants to california, Drums, and met crystal lighting!

So in Diabetes we learn about Type I&II, which is something we thing is not that dangerous but after that, I know now that it is something that could kill alot of people!

The native plants to California was the most awesome!! We worked hard, and became closer to the earth. So after we worked we ate and for some reason the food tasted alot bettter!

The drum making was awesome too!! It was my first drum that i have ever made! So making it was one of a kind….

And meeting Crystal Lighting was cool. Well I didnt know I knew her for awhile like the movie she showed in or the games she lended her voice for PREY! Well PREY is the first video game to have a native american as a the main character, and she voiced the main character girlfriend. Sadly in the end of the game she died!! awwww…..



This is what is dangerous to us Navajo

  In 1948, The United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) announced it would be the sole purchaser of any uranium mined in the United States. The AEC would not mine the uranium; it contracted with private mining companies for the product.  The Navajo Nation encompasses portions of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, making their reservation a key area for uranium mining; it had more than 1000 mines in the reservation. As work was scarce on and near the reservation, many Navajo men would travel miles to work in a mine, sometimes taking their family with them.

   Private industry’s treatment of the Navajo workers was poor, according to recent standards: companies failed to educate workers on precautionary measures, did not install sufficient engineering controls, such as adequate ventilation; and did not provide sufficient safety equipment to protect workers to the known dangers related to the mines. The Navajo were never told of the radiation effects, and did not have a word for it in their language. Many Navajo did not speak English and trusted the uranium companies to have their interests in mind. Navajo workers and residents have felt betrayed as the results of the studies became known, as well as the long delays by companies and the US government to try to prevent the damage, and to pay compensation.




1) The subject today is write 10 asset’s about me and my family, and community?
The five asset for my family and I are; happy, adventurous, entrepreneur, stable, and loving
The five asset for my community are; strong, peaceful, prepared, caring, scared.
2) Write about how you can mobilize those assets to address the deficits/problems in yourself, family, and community
My family mobilized the community by opening a homecare service; were they go and take care of the elderly and disabled. And my mom helped the governor of New Mexico build three new suicide prevention centers.