Its been great at the pipeline i learned so much. met so many new people. im going to miss all of you because your all beautiful. we take things for granite sometimes i just want to say we need to start cherishing the little things in life. like this pipeline for example with out it i would of never met such amazing people. i would of probably have been at home right now watching TV. i thank everyone that helped put this program together and all the people  we met. there so many lessons taught these past weeks. like i take my life for granite sometimes when there are people that been through so much worse than me i understand now. im very grateful for my life and every that is in it. i wouldn’t take back anything these past days i loved everyday of it. i will miss you guys keep in touch. it was nice meeting all of you. i thank the mentors for all the support they gave us. thank our drivers that got us everywhere. the morning cermonies that made my days and made me smile. all the people that made me laugh. all the deep conversations with people. thank you for listening.:D

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