Hello once again people from Pitzer college pipeline today was ok because I tried to get some sleep and I got an hour out of 12 hours of sleep I need lol so I’m pretty bummed and half asleep typing this. We went to western today and it was realllyyyy fun we got to learn about nutrition and how to eat healthy and stay fit to get the human body to keep it going. They told us about a guy who eats peanuts and apples in the morning and runs 10 miles each day ‘m thought this guy was nuts and he was young but he actually looks 50 and he’s 70 years old and I didn’t be leave it at all but some how I do. Then Dr. told us that we will be cooking at her house and we are going to cook today and what was cool was I like to cook time to time so I was stoked. So when we got to the place where we are cooking we started to figure out what we were going to make, we decided to make tortillas like our moms make it since we were in a group of three. Our first attempt was a failure because it was too much doughy then we made another and it had to much flour it was hard making a tortilla but it was a very fun experience to have and memory. Then we came back to college and did our regular routine. It was a very tiring day but also fun. Thank You

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