🔥My eyes are sleepy, yet I hesitate to close them; there is too much beauty. Spinning, singing, dancing, weeping, pulsing, breathing, sharing dreaming. The heat from the day still warms our bodies at night. Street lights and shooting stars; we know who we are. We are alive. The waxing moon rises, like the thumb nail of a loving hand, tracing the Universe across a timeless sky. My beautiful love, will you dream with me tonight? You–who in the words of a great poet, treads on the ground when she walks. Today was one for the history books! Shakespeare sonnets, Aztec Math, discussing emergent intelligence as adaptation in an ever evolving Multiverse both self organizing and self aware–all in a days work at Native Pipeline!! We also greeted the Sun with a friendship dance in the morning (hugs!!!) and sang to the moon at night. We even had president Trombley show her support by visiting our class and committing to assist Native Youth on their academic journeys. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the icing on the cake was when we celebrated Jessica’s birthday 😛 and when I heard David and Jonathan use words like “competitive individualism,” “commodification,” and “politics of disposability” without batting an eye. It feels good to know our students are learning the power dynamics behind “production” and “efficiency” and most importantly, how these means are used as self-serving ends for a select few. It is also empowering to watch lightbulbs go off when students realize science, rather than be objective, is culturally relative. We are learning to value our cultural ceremonies as communal technologies that enable us to access knowledge and relate to the natural world in a good way. I hope the students learn to value their heritage as Native people and use their “living” or applied philosophies to make this world a safer, happier, healthier place for all our relations. (Oh and that musical jam sesh was awesome! You’re the best David!) 💜✌️Violet 20140731-000920-560314.jpg


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