This last couple days have been so amazing I don’t even know how to explain how great its been. Went on the boat to the island hung out with all my new friends and took selfie’s  which was fun. Then we came across some dolphins that was great its like they knew we was there they knew we was native like we had a connection dolphins was the best part of the trip but then we got to the island so much has amazed me with that it was so different then normal life cleaning and working together but I got to go snorkeling and kayaking that was awesome to doing that with all my friends was fun to the night fires and the singing and all just being together was fun  in a way I don’t want to leave but I want to go home but I can say I met a lot of amazing people I can call family now I feel really welcomed here and I hope we all can meet again have a reunion that be awesome. Wishtoyo has been the experience to I have been to tons of classes learning new songs and new culture I’ve learned so much and I thank all the people that took the time to teach us all these new things thank you
Xoxo Bella James
And don’t forget its my birthday tomorrow


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