My name is MacKayla Sharon George I’m from the Lummi Nation tribe or as some of our people say Lhaq’te’mish. I’m going to be in 11th grade I go to Lummi Nation Tribal School, It’s a K-12 school so I’ve been at Lummi Nation School since Kindergarden. I come from two huge families there’s the Scott side that are serious about school and are strict, then theres the crazy Revey side that are really funny and like to have a great time, they can be serious when it comes to school too, that’s just because they all love us and want us to succeed in life, my grandpa always tells me everyday I will be the first to graduate college in the family and that makes me want to try so much more harder and to be a great example for all my little siblings and cousins. I love the Pitzer program there are really great and amazing people here and they inspire me and I hope to inspire people at home to do things like this I can’t wait until I graduate and go to college. Today was a good day I can’t believe I got to come back and meet new people and see the faces from last year, I can’t wait to go back to the village, that was my favorite part! My day was a great day and I can’t wait and see what tomorrow’s day brings! ❤


One thought on “MacKayla Sharon! :D

  1. MacKayla, both sides of your family sound awesome! I’m happy you made it to the Pipeline! I think your grandpa most definitely had a premonition of you walking and getting your degree!

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