Today, I met 11 new students from all over the US, besides the 9 kids (including me) from Lummi, WA. I have never been to California before!!!!! it is beautiful here and everyone is very open and friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL we did a few icebreakers and we had some good laughs :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Im glad that I went outside of my comfort zone right away by coming on this trip and talking in front of everyone casually.                                                                                        I like to draw, although i don’t think I’m very good at it. I like to play team volleyball, i sometimes play basketball, just for fun. I’m from Bellingham, Washington, I’m 15 years old, and i like to make things less awkward, by showing people that I’m comfortable around them, and being myself, while allowing others to be their selves. I like VANS, longboards, beaches, hot weather, and saunas

my friend told me i was going to pipeline to college, i guess i just went with it it was a 50/50 that i wanted to/ didn’t want to come to Pitzer college pipeline program



3 thoughts on “my name is Cecelia

  1. Hi cecelia! I’m glad you came too. I love California. There is a saying: West Coast is the Best Coast!! Also Maya likes art and painting and drawing too!

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