My name is Dani K. Jefferson, my indian name is Quiachtunaut. I am from Lummi Reservation in Washington. My native blood is Assiniboine from my moms side and Coast Salish from my dads side. I love to read and enjoy Pure Leaf Sweet Tea. I came to Pitzer last year and it was an amazing experience I learned a lot about other cultures and discovered what I want to be in life. This year I want to have another fantastic two weeks.

Today we made rattles, I completed mine and can’t wait to use it. Jean was a great teacher. Rose and Bingo gave us advice and told us their stories, its amazing how much people go through and can still stay strong and make a difference. The stories that i heard today make me want to grow up and succeed as a Native American, to make a difference.


3 thoughts on “#peachesforlife

  1. Welcome Back Dani! What do you like to read while sippin’ on your Pure Leaf Sweet Tea?! P.S. I know you will grow up to be a successful Native American that makes a difference, because you came to this program to push yourself and become a better person. You’re already on your way!


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