Five reasons why going to college is important for me:

1) Because my mother had told me when i was young, that pursuing a college degree will and can further my career.

2) Also I think college is important for me because it will make my community proud of me.

3)So I can take myself off of the rez, and put my head into the books, to become an inspiration for others.

4)I think that college has a lot of things that are important for me to know

5) there will be cute guys there

I read a book about Sherman Alexie, I learned that Sherman grew up in poverty, and he was picked on not only by white kids, but also native kids in school, and he was picked almost everyday.We also learned about geneticsssssss. My day was good, i really like the food today, and having a pool party at scott’s house, so yeah i got to have fun with my new friends and relax


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