I think that college is important but some people don’t think so, some kids around my reservation don’t make it out of high school. College is important because you can come back years later and give back to your community, and you get a good education when you go to college, you encourage your other family members to go to college, college is important for me because I’m gonna be the first to go in my grandpa’s side of the family. My day was a really great day me, Thelma, and Joye laughed so hard at The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian! We laughed so hard at one part and we won’t ever quit laughing sat it because it’s so funny, I think that part we laughed at is always going to be a little inside joke for us 3. I hope after this program I’ll be friends with the new people I met, I’m still friend with the others from last year that aren’t here this year. It’s going to be another great 2 weeks here and I hope to come back next year.! – MacKayla Sharon14996190897_37961ac5eb_o


4 thoughts on “#LummiNation

    1. Amy it was taken when we were at Wishtoyo and we sang the flood song on Ceremony Day.. The last day.

  1. It was great reading this! Another thing to remember is that getting an education is something that no one can take away from you. It allows you to make better decisions and to see the bigger picture, this is important in creating change in your community and tribe because you can come to any issue you are facing with perspective.

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