Why Choose College?

1. College will benefit you in the future with higher degrees.

I am looking to get my Masters in graduate school. (I have yet to decide)

2. College will open so many opportunities for you, yet to discover.

I am looking forward to visiting new places, meeting new people, and learning beyond the classroom.

3. College will provide you with so many connections with your career.

“Its’ not what you know, It’s who you know”

4.College will have experiences for further education.

You will experience many new opportunities to surround yourself with other students’ determined to better their education and learn new things.

5.College will lead you to the future you’ve been working for.

After you get that diploma. Doors will open. Be prepared.


Today I learned…

How I tell my story. I told my story to one person, all they did was listen. I realized, sometimes you just need someone to listen. I also heard them tell me their story, I seen how everyone one goes through hard times, struggles, and self-doubt… but it’s your choice to do something about it. I loved to see all the indigenous youth in the pipeline program step up and further their learning. Becoming role models for younger ones to look up to. Pursue their dreams and goals. Just knowing we all support you. We’re listening.


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