5 things that can make it hard for Native American students to attend college is

1. Some natives just won’t have enough money to attend college

2. they have kids and sometimes won’t have enough time to do it

3. your family didn’t encourage you enough so some dropped out in high school

4. Drugs and alcohol are a big part on some reservations and they get caught in that

5. Some people don’t think they can make it that far and they are afraid to try because they think they’ll fail

I had a good day especially with Katie from Western U. We wrote about diseases and some that are genetic. I wrote about asthma and how it can be passed down from gene to gene, I also loved listening to when the Rose’ friends came in and talked to us and when Rose and Joe  talked about all the things that are going on back at home and what went on and all the Native American women that went missing. It made me sad and it makes me want to cry, they did and are still helping other native american people from ending up on the streets. I also liked when Dani and Kat sang! Gives me the chills every time !


2 thoughts on “#LummiNation

  1. Mackayla, this post moves me. The Native Women missing breaks my heart too, but I’m so happy you are learning about them, it is the first step in us all doing something about our sisters that are disappearing, and making sure not one more disappears. The work that Rose and Joe are doing is amazing! I want to be just like them! 🙂

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