During these few days I’ve been in Pitzer College Pipeline (which I think is very fun), I’ve develop a immense interest with common application workshop because it taught me to better understand the importance of the future.  In this class, we looked up colleges matching with our skills and future careers.  I’ve noticed that very few people accepted that the concept revolving around the idea of college isn’t on the top of their list.  There are very few rules to follow when thinking about the incoming jobs.  First off, you’d need to try your best.  I often have problems while doing this because my laziness gets the best of me and I’ll not try.  Many people can relate with that.  What I mean by not being lazy, I don’t mean to just exercising (which I need to do 😉 ).  Everyone needs to do homework and participate into many other extracurricular activities which would help you while applying for a college.  You’d also need to make the appropriate life choices without following people’s decisions because it’s best if you become your own person.  When looking for the right colleges, you can also go to these two different websites. “Commonapp.org” and “collegeview.com”.

In this new community at Pitzer, they help me get better ideals about future decisions.  My parents and Mo’a inspire me to continue towards college.  Surprisingly, my siblings inspire me also in a indirect way.  There are many things that encourage me to do things yet I can’t explain them very well.  I have difficulty expressing certain ideals that come to my thoughts yet I’d eventually allow those thoughts to be typed or written in better eloquence than my current style.

I’ve been trying to contain all the talents and natural skills that I posses and I’d rather become more decisive in my studying choices.  Although it’s very tempting into giving in into laziness, I’d rather  continue onward to be able to have a secure and successful future.  There are still thousands of little things that may swerve my perspective into the other direction yet I’ll still try to become more confident into what I’ll like to become.  Attending to this pipeline was one of my decisions influenced by the thought of college.

Today, I’ve been able to relate to the science classes and I think I may start looking into dedicating my studies towards that.  To become a veterinarian, I know that you’d have to take a science class which would help you getting better into that career.  I’ll make my decision later or eventually after the pipeline.



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