I felt very inspired to learn  more about my culture, when I saw that Bingo knew a lot about the artifacts that were in the basement of the music auditorium. It made me proud to see that an elder of mine knew more than the lady that was presenting us the artifacts. I thought that it was not right when I saw that the artifacts weren’t in the place that they came from, and how far away those artifacts were away from their tribes.

I think that college and native culture can go together because a lot of native american people don’t know about the history that took place long ago, with the boarding schools, and how many tribes lost their language because they weren’t aloud to speak their language in boarding school. I think a lot of things like our cultures and histories should be studied in college, and in earlier grades, so that the knowledge will be passed down to future generations.

My day was very fun, I liked learning how to project my voice while speaking or acting. but yeah today was great 🙂


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