1. The thing I miss most from home is definitely my family. I miss being able to talk to my mom, my dad, and my brother especially. Although I keep in contact with them everyday, it is not the same. I miss cracking jokes with my dad, we usually spent a lot of time together. What is quite surprising to me is that I miss my brother. Usually this would be the time to take a break from him but I actually miss playing soccer with him. And lastly, I miss my mom’s stupendous cooking.

2. My biggest difficulty for me staying away from home has always been food. My mom is the type of mom that cooks everyday and I hardly ever eat outside of home. She has always been strict on me on eating up to four times a day. But, the thing that makes it really difficult is the meal hours. Im usually never hungry when it is breakfast time because I would usually eat breakfast at around 9 or 10.

3. I think the great thing from being away from home is taking a break from all problems you have back at home. Here you are able to forget about everything and just have a good time.

4. Mount Baldy was definitely the highlight of the day. I had a spectacular time hearing the songs of the elders. It was really fun dancing the songs of the elder today. It was a really great environment and it was really touching.


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