I’ve cooked before.  I cooked for my brothers when my mom is working but never have I cooked with a true Native.  Kim Marcus is an excellent cook and his knowledge of all these natural foods within the environment is impeccable.  He taught us all that we don’t have to depend on grocery stores and his wife clarified that most myths about foods are lies.  I’ve actually learned that I was wrong about fats being bad for your body. They actually maintain your health by giving you more energy than protein.  I was actually awed by her presentation that explained each myth.  I’d like to thank them for that. (If you guys are reading thing, thanks!)  Seeing the variety of food that is surrounding the campus and even back at home was shocking because I didn’t know they were edible.  If our culture was brought more into the modern time, than I would’ve known.  This statement makes me ponder about history; what if we had won the war?  I can’t write as much as last night because that was quite tiring and I hate seeing my group wait for me.  There are little things I’d like to write on this blog tonight.  That we could live just as well without grocery stores.  Perhaps better since we wouldn’t be gorging on all those sweets.  Marcus show us what their sweets were like back then…. It was a bit too healthy.

Being side by side working on the pine nuts with my classmates made me feel even closer to them.  It made me realize that there was no way people could have done it individually because with all our pine nuts piled up, we barely filled the surface are on the bottom of the bowl.  There was no way that could’ve fed an entire village!  I couldn’t believe how our ancestors did things so intricate that it became a way of living.  It made me think that the past may have been better than the modern day.  Our people didn’t just lived with life; they made living a passion.  They kept learning new things everyday in order to survive and in a way, that just made life even more interesting.  They never knew the future.  They didn’t have our short-cuts.  They depended on each other, and that’s what we all should do in the present instead of going our separate ways.


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