1. I really liked learning about the native food and what the native people had and made back in the day. Especially when he said that the stuff that looked like putting was a treat to them. I’ve always wondered what our native people ate and how they made it. I also liked making the rock a seeing a few rocks that were made.

2. My job for the native cooking was to crack the pinyon nut with the rock and I had fun doing that. It took a lot of patience but me, Thelma, Alyssa, Trisha, and Joye cracked them open and I felt like it took a lot of patience todo it. But back at home the elders always tell us to have patience, every elder probably tells a young one that. It was beneficial and nutritious because they are nuts and they are grain I’m going to guess and they are our native peoples food, they ate it way back in the day, also good for your spirit if it’s a native traditional food.

3. My day was okay I started off tired and sleepy and it started raining and I got kind of excited but then I found out we weren’t going to the village and it made me really upset that we weren’t going. I felt really mad, sad , and upset because that was one of the main things I looked forward to was going to the wishtoyo. We still are going to go but it won’t be for as long as we were suppose to stay there. ): I hope we can just go and see them I really miss all of them and I looked forward to that…. sincerely- MacKayla S. George 



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