My favorite part of the native cooking with Kim Marcus was helping out with the pinions. It was nice because I love pinions. My job during the native cooking was cracking the pinions. It was beneficial to the nutritious diet because it was healthy.


Today was rainy. However, I love rainy days and the smell of petrichor. In the morning, I my group made breakfast. We made pancakes, bacon, and potatoes. I sliced watermelon and strawberries. After breakfast we did not do our classes but we did some hands on activities. I enjoyed making pictographs with my group. After lunch, we went to the mall and shopped. I enjoyed that as well but I wish I got more stuff because I did not spend a lot of money… Anyways, after shopping, we had dinner and ate. Overall, today was very calming and tiring. To wrap my reflection, as I always say, I am excited for tomorrow and the next day! 🙂

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