Pitzer college students like to go bowling and make new friends.

I think that doing things as a group is a lot safer and can be really fun. Whether it’s going to the mall, going to the farmer’s market, or visiting colleges and touring.

My day was very fun. We went to look at the scripts college and hear from Elizabeth on what it is like to go there. Scripts college was founded in 1928 by a rich white lady, and It is an all girls college. The rooms are almost like princess rooms and some of them are really big. The college has gym that is so nice that it looks like a spa, it has a really big pool. walking down the path of the scripts college, you will find Orange trees along side the buildings. Do not try them!!!!!! Kat tried them and she gave me the most disgusted look, I laughed a lot. It was so hot out today, and the whether has been being bipolar lately. Earlier in the morning, it was around 80 degrees, and when it came around 3 it was pouring. but i love both the rain and the sunshine so it wasn’t bad at all, but I feel bad for the ladies that CURLED OR STRAIGHTENED THEIR HAIR 😦 well I am liking my stay here, even though it might look like I don’t. I have never been to cali before this trip in my life, I wish I could have a little more sight seeing or touring 😦 I also think that i focus more when I have my headphones in.  I thank everyone who made this program possible, and I am especially thankful for the food and knowledge that my elders are giving me.


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