Pitzer College has many different benefits.  Pitzer provides various of recreational activities to do after they have a long week of studying and working.  This school built a flexible cirriculum so their students can do any free activities or study.  Whatever is wisest.  There is also on-campus entertainment and special interest clubs offered by The Claremont Colleges.  When it comes to athletics, Pitzer joins with Pomona college and that makes a great team.  During this entire week, I’ve been waking up EARLY and going to bed later than usual.  I underestimated the work a college student has to go through.  There is work piled on top of work and things you wanna do when outside of class.  You also have that responsibility to finish your homework and keep you clothing in check and clean.  There really is a lot of work than what I’m really getting at.  This entire time we had our break today, I slept like a log.  There was no way I could do this every day.  It amazes me of how many times people do this without trying.  When we walked around the Scripps College, I was walking but it was without my consciousness.  I was glad we got to sleep in and get more sleep throughout the day.  My favorite part of the day! 🙂


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